Letter: An apology

Dear Editor:
I am sorry for my actions on April 8, 2016. I now know that the choice to drive while I was drinking affected not just me but a lot of people in my life and even people I have never met. It makes me feel bad to know how my choices affected the whole community and all that some people have had to go through because of it. Thank you for supporting me and my family through everything by praying, thinking of us and helping the whole way through this journey.
I know my actions made a lot of people in the community mad. I wish there was some way that I could turn time back and not make the decisions I did. I want to make it right with the community that supported me and I don’t know how to do that. Maybe if people look at my decisions and not do the same things it will make it better.
I am happy I am the one who got the brain injury because I could not live with myself if I hurt one of my friends this bad. I have a lot of memory problems, my friends have all left me, my back hurts all the time, my right side is numb and I have a limp now. It was hard for me at work because I get distracted, don’t remember what I am supposed to be doing, get mad at people and am very slow. There is a lot I did I cannot do any more like ride my dirt bike or drive until I can maybe get my license back. I also have multiple court charges I am working on.
I have learned that first off, you should always wear your seat belt and that you should never drink and drive. If I could do it differently I would have never got in my truck. I would not have drank or called my mom to come get me and my friends so we all got home without getting hurt.
Thank you all for your support,
Bradi Bland


  1. It takes a good man to admit his faults, be accountable and apologize for something he cannot change. I do hope that this reminds young adults (as well as older adults) that there is no reason to drink and drive. Calll SOMEONE. Call an UBER. Do something else to get home safe. That being said – Good job for trying to better yourself and make others aware of what could happen.

  2. God bless you Bradi, I know that this was a difficult thing to admit to and to ask forgiveness for. We all make mistakes, we all hurt those who we love. We are not always given the chance to say I’m sorry and even when we are we don’t always chose to take that moment to say I’m sorry, thank you for owning your mistakes and saying you are sorry. I hope this helps you and those around you to heal.
    A friend

  3. Dear Bradi – someone once told me “life is a learned experience”. Sounds like you learned a lot from your accident and what it means to be human, make mistakes and take responsibility for them. What happened in April 2016 is now in the past and you are making it right with the community, just by writing this letter to the editor, speaking about the importance of not drinking and driving to school kids and doing community service. Be grateful you are alive. Your injuries, although painful and ones you cannot change, are a daily reminder that you had an angel on your shoulder that night. So decide what means the most to you in life and focus your energy on that. Everything else will fall into place. I saw a sign in Meeker yesterday that said ‘Pray for Bradi today”. I pray that you can move forward in a positive and healthy direction and choose to enjoy the wonderful things life has to offer. Your friend, Vanessa Trout

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