Letter: Good deed recognized

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter was first sent to Rangely Jr. High Principal Crandal Mergelman in an email and shared with the HT by Jeff LeBleu.

Dear Editor:
I am emailing you today because of some great young men representing your school district. We live in Craig, and this last Saturday your middle school wrestlers attended a meet in Soroco. Your bus stopped for dinner in Craig at McDonalds. Two of my daughters were in McDonalds as these young men came in. Your athletes noticed a man sitting off by himself. They obviously figured out that he was “less fortunate” and made the decision to help him out. Four of your young wrestlers ordered their food and food for the gentleman. Each boy took a turn taking him an item of food.
Four of my daughters watched as these boys did all this without hesitation. After the last young man sat down to eat, my daughters went over to them and told them that their good deed did not go unrecognized and praised them for their kindness.
We do not know the names of any of these boys, only that they were wearing Rangely school district insignia. We wanted to reach out to you and let you know that these young men put a smile on our faces and made the day better for that gentleman. Their kindness is so heartwarming, especially in this day and age when young kids are more apt to do the complete opposite of this. I thought you would be proud to know that your athletes are doing a fantastic job representing, not only themselves, but Rangely School District.
Have a wonderful week.
Tylawn Smercina

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