Letter: Mantle disagrees with river workshop statement

Dear Editor:
The Meeker Herald, Sept. 27 edition reported on river management workshop highlights ways and means for improving river health.” The information contained in said article was informative, until it came to “Grazing and Riparian Area Management” by Paul Meiman with Colorado State University Extension. Meiman made the statement that “while riparian systems and vegetation are resilient, every time it is grazed the root system decreases, thus decreasing its ability to be effective in holding the soil and acting as a filtration system.” So now we are harboring a CSU graduate who didn’t pay attention in class or in workshops, who now has developed his own agenda of anti-grazing (which includes livestock and all wildlife) completely contrary to scientific data which substantiates the use of grazing to enhance the health and vigor of riparian areas. I hope our kids are not going to be exposed to such untruths by a representative of CSU and recommend his finding employment elsewhere. These untruths were not taught at CSU 57 years ago when I received my degree.
Respectfully submitted,
Tim Mantle
Piceance Creek

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  1. Mr. Mantle highlights an important point that should be further explained. I was at the workshop where Mr. Meiman spoke, and I believe he was not quoted correctly in the Sept. 27 article about the workshop. In fact, Mr. Meiman supports responsible grazing and has significant knowledge about how to manage riparian grazing. I believe Mr. Meiman will respond with a letter to the editor…

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