Letter: Searching for a lost landing net on the White River

Dear Editor:
I experienced a heartbreaking loss. While releasing a fish in the middle of the White River at Sizemore’s above Buford on July 30, I bone-headedly failed to secure my landing net and watched it float away. Thought about swimming after it but its head start was too big. Slipped and slogged to shore as fast as I could, abandoned my rod, pack, and vest and ran, crawled and clawed my way through willows, ditches and barbed wire, cussing myself all the while, to the down stream neighbor’s fence line, hoping to catch up with it. No luck. I know it’s a long shot, but it has 40 years of sentimental value so I’ve got to give it a go. If you find it or hear of someone who has, I would surely appreciate it if you would call me at 719-331-6465.
Thank you,
Steve Pelican
Colorado Springs