State of the River: Part 1

July 16, 2021 Lucas Turner 0

RBC I Seven years since the first major algae bloom affected the White River, much is still unknown about what exactly causes the blooms, and by extension, how they can be remediated/mitigated in the future.  […]


Are you wasting water?

July 8, 2021 Niki Turner 0

Simple habit changes could save thousands of gallons of water RBC | It’s always a good idea to conserve water when you can, but with ongoing drought conditions in the county water conservation may become […]



Algae is apparent in the White River near the Texas Beach by Rangely, and is showing signs of increased growth. Recent oxygen saturation measurements indicate a large amount photosynthetic activity from the algae, which increase […]


River flow near record low

June 24, 2021 Lucas Turner 0

RBC | “Every organization needs a Cassandra and an Eeyore, and I’m it,” is how Dr. Bob Dorsett pre-empted his presentation to the White River Alliance last week. He discussed conditions on the White River, […]



June 5, 2021 Herald Times Staff 0

Saturday, May 22 about 20 new and veteran members of the White River Alliance showed up to help clean around Lake Avery and all the way down to Circle Park in Meeker. Several bags of […]


Exceptional drought conditions across W. Slope

May 20, 2021 Lucas Turner 0

RBC | April 2021 was “exceptionally dry” according to the latest statistics from the USDA’s National Resource Conservation Service. NRCS Hydrologist Joel Atwood noted “Many SNOTEL sites reported record low precipitation for April west of […]

Letters To The Editor

Letter: Alliance Happenings

A few years ago, some of the local fishing guides, landowners, and folks concerned about the White River formed White River Alliance. This group came together from a broad range of political, professional, and personal […]

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