Letter: Thanks to all who helped with festival

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To all the wonderful people and businesses in Rangely who help to make the Septemberfest luncheon a great success each year:
Please know that you are all so very special. Each year I call on you to help and each year it is always yes, you bet, what can we do? Most everything is primarily through donations. We pay for the meat, seasonings, cookies and brownies, foil, paper plates and napkins; everything else is donated, such as:
Potato salad — by Rangely District Hospital
Beans — by John and Sandy Payne of Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant
Pickles — by John and Sandy Payne of Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant
Buns — by White River Market
Water — Rodger Polley of Rangely True Value Hardware
Bin for cooling the water — by John Hume of Heritage Building and Home Center
Servers — Mormon Church — Frances Green, organizer
All-around helpers — CNCC baseball team members, Coach Tom Cassera
All-around helpers — CNCC women’s sports
Chevron USA — Jeff Roedell of Chevron for allowing use of their barbecue trailer for the event
Shell Oil — by Carolyn Tucker for their donations over the years to make this all possible
Basic Energy — by Gary Staley for their support in making our cookers, which are wonderful!
Hume Distributing — for everything that Bill Hume does for the total community. Letting us use his trucks for this event is such a wonderful help.
To the people, in the past and present, who have helped to season the meat for the event. They are many … Bill Hume, Bill Kenney, Simon Boudreaux, Josh, Carl Rector, Jeff Rector, Diane Sizemore and Frank Sizemore
To Jeff LeBleu for his untiring work getting the wood, working the backhoe to put the bins in the ground and back out when the meat is done.
Thanks to the Elks for their participation as well as use of the facility for cooking the meat.
Thank you to the town for allowing Jeff to use the town backhoe for this project.
Thanks go to the Byers family for helping us to clean up.
Thanks to the Rock Crawling Club for all their help in the past.
Thanks to the ever-wonderful Chantal at Nichols Store, who without her help in ordering, etc., this just would not happen.
To Josh for all your help last year as well as this year.
Thanks to all of the energy companies based in our area that have blessed us with a good economy. We can only hope and pray that we will see the comeback for our area. These companies are what has kept our area going for many years.
Last and definitely not least to the total Western Metropolitan Recreation and Park group … you are all wonderful!
All in all, I surely hope I have not left anyone out.
If I have, I apologize. I don’t mean to slight anyone. You are all appreciated so very much.
I just wanted to express my personal thanks! To all who attend, this takes a team effort to put this luncheon together. And if I might say, “What a mighty fine team! I appreciate each and everyone of you.
Thanks again! I can only hope that each and everyone of you enjoyed yourselves to the fullest.
Congratulations to Jerry LeBleu Sr., on being the parade grand marshal. Jerry Sr. has been exceptional in his volunteerism in this community over many years. His support of all of our young people, be they in our public school system or higher educations, Jerry was always there. Please congratulate Jerry when you see him and let him know how much he is appreciated.
God bless America, Rio Blanco County and Rangely, Colo.
Peg Rector