Letter to the Editor: Bring back Rio Blanco County Days Gone By

Dear Editor:
We wrote to you March 23, requesting that you reinstate the Days Gone By section on a weekly basis.
We were told right that this item would again be included, as the newspaper had new staff, etc. However, since that time, we have only seen this included one time.
My husband and I are both from the Meeker/Rangely area, having lived in these communities during the 1940s through the early 1970s and, as such, look forward to the items from “days past,” as we can definitely relate to those events.
This is the main reason we subscribe to this paper, and we have subscribed for many years — as far back as when each community had its own paper (i.e. The Meeker Herald and The Rangely Times).
Please continue to again include this section in the paper, preferably on a weekly basis, as has been done in the past. Also, it would be nice to again see front page articles about some of the long-time area residents.
John and Lynne Green
Grand Junction

EDITOR’S NOTE: As editor of the Herald Times since March 11, I know nothing of your previous inquiry or request. I am a bit of a history buff myself and will set out to begin the column again with the first edition in June.


  1. I am interested in history of Meeker and surrounding area. I have been able to prove location of family by some info gained in the article “Days Gone By” I grew up in Meeker and still visit yearly.
    Kathy Cleveringa

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