Letter to the Editor: David Luzmoor on Fire Board members

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Dear Editor:
I ask that you offer the following comment to your readers in order to balance the prospective on the Meeker Fire Protection District Board of Directors.

To me, the message from the current MFPD is simply this:
The MFPD Board is in total control of the district; only they know how to best spend taxpayer dollars and only they know what you need from the district. If you don’t agree, just go and ask them!
They will tell you they are going to stay in control, continue to overreach their authority, continue to run the member pension program the way they have, continue to dictate what you need and keep on keepin’ on, their way.
If you go the fire station for more information, you must fill out a form so the board member in charge can review it and decide if you get your information.
Voters have a choice on May 3, 2016.
David S. Luzmoor
Candidate for Election to
MFPD Board of Directors

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  1. David Luzmoors sudden intrest in the MFPD ,is not for the better for all,the view he wants you to believe.
    but more for concern of fires in the area of his home.But wanting a faster response fire department in spread out rual areas ,and your house too dave is difficult
    Without a fire hydrant system ,little can be done anyway. the people who grew up and live there.
    Know whats needs to be done

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