Letter to the Editor: TELL survey tells of MHS conditions

Dear Editor:
Thank you for reporting conditions in the Meeker School District, and thank you for alerting your readers to the results of the recent TELL survey. I would like to comment on your article in last Thursday’s issue entitled “Teachers: Good and Bad.”
Your article explained the title’s reference, but it might have confused the casual reader. The purpose of the TELL survey was not to identify good and bad teachers. Rather, the survey asked instructional staff at Meeker High School (MHS) to comment on issues related to workplace environment, resources available for our students’ education and the quality of leadership in the schools. It is an assessment of the educational environment in Meeker High School, not an evaluation of the teachers.
Another point for clarification: You report that the survey polled 59 instructors at the high school. In fact, there are 14 full-time or part-time classroom instructors at MHS. The Colorado Department of Education quotes a figure of 19 instructional staff as a basis for the survey response percentages, but that figure is not accurate.
You listed responses to specific questions without comment or analysis, but there are clear patterns in the results. Among other concerns, many teachers indicate that they are not given an effective voice in decision making.
They rate school leadership low in supporting teachers and in addressing student concerns. They rate school leadership low in collaboration and teacher involvement in planning. Concerns over these issues have increased since the previous TELL survey in 2011.
Full results of the TELL surveys are available at http://www.tellcolorado.org/.
Bob Dorsett, MD
Science and Mathematics Instructor
Meeker High School

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  1. The article said there were 54 teachers not 59.
    The CDE figure of 19 includes non-instructional staff such as the counselor, athletic/activities director principal and perhaps the librarian para-professional.
    I personally wish there were more time in the day and the week so I could effectively collaborate with my colleagues and have more time to plan for all of my students’ needs individually.

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