Letter to the Editor: Thanks to all voters who voted; editor blind

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Dear Editor:
Thank you to all registered voters in Rio Blanco County who cast a ballot in the Nov. 5 coordinated election.
More ballots were cast in this November coordinated election than any other coordinated election since 1993, when odd-year/coordinated elections came into being.
You have exercised your American citizen right to register to vote and vote.
You, as registered voters, have spoken by casting a ballot and “giving a darn.”
To be referred to as uniformed and not educated on the issues by Mr. McMahon in his “From My Window” editorial in the Nov. 7 issue of the Rio Blanco Herald Times because of the timing of a returned ballot or manner of casting a ballot is not only disrespectful, it is wrong on many levels.
The option to vote at a polling center was available at the Rio Blanco County Clerk and Recorders Office in Meeker on Nov. 2 and Nov. 5, which was election day, and in the Rangely branch office on Nov. 4 and Nov. 5. The vast majority of you choose to vote by mail.
Maybe, Mr. McMahon needs the new “Give a Darn” window cleaner that has magic ingredients to help him register to vote and cast a ballot by his chosen method in Rio Blanco County.
Jackie R. Brennan
Registered Voter

EDITOR’S NOTE: I am now a registered voter in Rio Blanco County, and I will have been in Rio Blanco County for at least a year by the time of the next election. Regardless of the fact that I am a “resident” after 20 days in Colorado, I believe in living in a place at least one year before I feel qualified to vote on the issues that will shape the future — knowing a little more about the past.

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  1. Thanks for writing in; afraid if I wrote in about this I would merely be called a complainer-I mean you know teachers are complainers.
    More importantly citing information from two Eastern news sources does not make truths. We are not in the East; news surveys are not always unbiased; and yes I read through the ballot issues long before I ever received my ballot. In fact I waited for the School Board Forum to hear the candidates before casting any votes; but I did vote early and return my ballot early. More convenient and that 12 hour + job I have sometimes prevents me from getting downtown before closing time. . .

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