Logging traffic on Yellow Jacket

MEEKER I Intermountain Resources of Delta, Colo., is currently harvesting timber in the Wilson Park area. Visitors using Forest Road 250 near Yellow Jacket Pass should expect to encounter logging trucks and increased activity in the area over the next few months.The sale site is located near the junction of Forest Roads 250 and 252 on the west end of Wilson Park. Eight clearcut units will be harvested, covering a total of 42 acres. Most of the timber to be harvested is lodgepole pine. Trees marked with orange paint delineate the timber sale boundary lines. Visitors with permits to gather firewood are asked to avoid cutting in the vicinity of the timber sale site. Maps of the sale site are available at the Blanco Ranger District, 220 East Market St., in Meeker. Intermountain Resources plans to complete its operations this fall.For more information, please contact the Blanco Ranger District at (970) 878-4039.