Makin’ Bacon Club plans fundraisers

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RANGELY— On Feb. 13, 12 members of the Makin’ Bacon Swine Club voted for new club officers.
4h300x300The 2009 club officers are: President: Torie Slagle, Vice President: Quincey Thacker, Secretary: Shelby Neiberger, Reporter: Tessa Slagle and Pledge Leaders: Lindzey Thacker and Troy Allred.
On March 23, 15 club members came ready to learn about the swine club requirements. You must attend 50 percent of the club meetings to be able to sell your swine at the RBC fair. Please attend WQMA meeting if applicable. Pay all 4-H fees and community pen fees and return paperwork in a timely manner. Forms are required for all livestock projects this year that will need to be filled out when the animal is purchased. This form will be needed in order to sell your animal at the fair. Please be sure that Debbie has your current e-mail address so she can e-mail you with club information and reminders.
The club will need more ideas for fundraisers. So far we have kiss a pig, Piceance Creek cleanup and a booth at the Meeker 4-H carnival. For community service projects we have clean the community pens and purchase toys for the hospital.
Jake Smith gave a presentation on how to read ear notches and quizzed the members on information he presented. Every member is required to do a demonstration at one of our meetings, so start thinking of interesting and educational topics.
The next meeting will be April 20.

By Tessa Slagle