Meeker loses 6-14 in last junior varsity game

MEEKER I Complete stats are unavailable for this game. Jake Phelan, a freshman, ran a 23-yard TD run for the Cowboys score. Sophomore QB Dylan Mobley was the leading passer and J.C. Henderson was the leading rusher in the game. Bruno Juarez, a sophomore, was the leading tackler. Aaron Cochran was the leading receiver.
The defensive unit played very well and the offense moved the ball very well, but could not complete their drives.
Defensive play by Ruben Roybal, Anthony Watt, Tony Collins, Luis Samarripa, Olivas Fernando, Justin Giao, Levi Dinwiddie, Dylan Mobley and Matt Frantz aided the Cowboys. The offensive guards, sophomore Ricky Jeffrey and freshman Jake Roland, blocked well for the ‘Boys. Running backs J.C. Henderson, Jeff Wagner, Olivas Fernando and Justin Giao ran well as the ‘Boys gained yardage at a good pace.