Meeker Rockies continue to hold off opponents

MEEKER I With the first two wins under their belt, the Meeker Rockies continued their winning streak by not allowing any runs by their opponents in their two games last week. In the June 6 game against Hayden, the team worked together to gain the 3-0 win. Chris Scherbarth and Cole Rogers did a great job striking the runners out, leaving little for their teammates to do. Elijah Deming continues to prove that catching is his strength. He caught the last out of the game when the hitter popped the ball over home plate.
Jose Garcia and Scherbarth have great fly ball catches, with Scherbarth demonstrating his victorious catch and roll for the crowd. Jeffery Cole-George and Justin George saw no action in the outfield, but were ready and willing for action.
When the Rockies were at bat, Kale Burke and Scherbarth both hit well, while Cole Rogers and Estevan Barreno proved they had the patience and eye for walks. Pake Burke had a great hit and though he was out at first his hit earned 2 RBIs. The play at home with Austin Mortensen barely running over home and Rogers’ slide right behind him was tight but safe.
In their second game last week, June 9, the Meeker Rockies scrimmaged Parachute, posting an 11-3 win. Great hits seemed to be the theme of the windy evening. Scherbarth not only pitched well, striking out all of his opponents, he also hit a grand slam! Rogers, pitching one inning, followed suit with a home run and a triple. Shelton, also pitching one inning and playing extremely well on first base, hit a single. Joining him with singles were George, Mortensen, Barreno and K. Burke. Garcia was hit with a pitch, earning him a walk and eventually a foot over home plate. P. Burke proved that he has an eye for the ball, walking twice and adding to the score. Deming shared the catching position with Cole-­George this week, who played the position well. Deming saw no action at third base though.
In both games, the Meeker Rockies showed improvement as a team. The willingness of every player to cover any position coaches Dave and Sandy Scherbarth ask of them shows great sportsmanship and understanding of team effort. With the help of Dylan Mobley as assistant coach, the pitchers continue to throw harder and more accurately. Look for highlights of this week’s games against Craig and Rangely in next week’s edition.