Meet-and-Greet with Root Routledge, 2020 Candidate for U.S. House, 3rd Congressional District

Root Routledge
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Grassroots climate activist, industrial consultant and 2020 Congressional candidate Root Routledge is making a multiple county December tour to visit northern and central CD3 counties to meet fellow Democrats and voters of all political persuasions. His campaign is focused on four strategic issues that are crucial to a viable future for our country and our planet: healthy democracy, healthy population, healthy environment, and healthy economy.

Routledge is kicking off his “Leading on Climate Tour” this Saturday, Dec. 7 in Meeker at the Meeker Cafe (560 Main St.) from 3:30-5 p.m.

Routledge will speak to each of these gateway issues, with a leading focus on our climate crisis. In particular, he wants to hear how people from CD3 counties are experiencing the existential threat of the impending climate catastrophe that is threatening our future if we don’t act now, and on these other strategic issues.

Root Routledge, PhD, is founder and owner of Alpine Analytics, an industrial consulting firm. Holding a doctorate in industrial engineering, he is a scientifically educated systems engineer and has been a climate educator and activist since 2007. A lifetime Westerner, Root lived in Fort Collins in the 1970s and has lived in Durango, Colorado, for the past 25 years. He can be reached via email at