Most NFS roads to open May 21

RBC I The White River National Forest Travel Management Plan was signed by Forest Supervisor Scott Fitzwilliams on August 25, 2011. The plan is divided into winter and summer seasons. The summer season begins on May 21 annually and until that date most National Forest System Roads (NFSR) and National Forest System Trails (NFST) will remain closed to motorized and mechanized uses. Some roads are open yearlong to allow access to private property and are generally county roads.
NFSR on the Blanco District that open early to allow for access to areas that are historically open prior to the May 21 date as the snow allows include:
Trappers Lake Road – NFSR 205 to the Outlet Trailhead (Closed on bridge to CG’s)
Four Mile Road – NFSR 214 from NFSR 215 to the gate. (Accesses Private Land)
East Miller Road – NFSR 215
Middle Miller Road – NFSR 218
South Fork Road – NFSR 227
Hill Creek Road – NFSR 232
Aldrich Lakes Road – NFSR 252 (To gate above reservoir) and NFSR 252.2
National Forest System roads and trails that do not open until June 21 to allow solitude for elk calving on the Blanco District include:
Bar HL – Hay Flats Road – NFSR 211 (section from mile marker 12.7 to mile marker 18.8 as shown on the Motor Vehicle Use Map available at the Blanco District Office)
Wells Ridge Road – NFSR 216 (section from NFSR 218 Middle Miller Road to mile marker 4.8, where NFST 2216 connects with NFSR 216 as shown on the Motor Vehicle Use Map available at the Blanco District Office)
Deadhorse Loop Road – NFSR 230
Moeller Creek Road – NFSR 290 (From NFSR 280 to NFSR 290)
Big Mountain Road – NFSR 839
Pagoda Trail – NFST 1804
Long Park Trail – NFST 1809
Snell Creek Trail – NFST 1810
Marci Camp Trail – NFST 2270
Pattison Park Trail – NFST 2292
All closed roads and trails may be used by foot or horseback until the date they open to motorized uses. District Ranger Ken Coffin asks that you please be responsible in your use of the National Forest and get to know what the Travel Management Plan allows and doesn’t allow.
Come into the Blanco District Office at 220 East Market Street to obtain the latest copy of our Motor Vehicle Use Map and to have your questions answered.