Mustang Makeover seeks home for seven rehabbed wild mustangs

MEEKER | The brainchild of area ranchers, horse trainers, conservationists, and historians concerned about the growing populations of mustangs in western Rio Blanco, the Meeker Mustang Makeover is intended to showcase the stamina, intelligence and resilience of horses whose genetic history goes back to Spanish, Native American and early ranching pioneers.

Wild horse populations are managed differently than livestock and wildlife on public lands, posing unique challenges when range conditions are stressed. Currently, there are an estimated 88,000 wild horses and burros on public lands up from 25,000 in 1971. Over a quarter million horses have been placed in private care since the passage of the Wild Horse Annie Act, but 50,000 remain in off-range facilities, at a cost of over $50 million a year. Unchecked, herds double every 4 years. Adoption is one of the few tools available to help manage herd size.

In recent months, BLM has stepped up and offered additional incentives to potential mustang adopters, making owning a mustang more attractive.

Call (866) 468-7826 or visit to learn more about wild horse adoption, and don’t miss the Meeker Mustang Makeover and your own chance to own a mustang!


Concessions, beer and alcohol served by Lions Club starting at 5. Come enjoy a delicious Colorado beef hamburger! Cash and checks only.

5:15: National Anthem

Jay Muller, announcer, thanks sponsors and introduces judges, horses and trainers and provides a brief summary of event. Reminder to get bidder number by concession area.

5:30: Obstacle Course, Cow Move commences: roughly fiveminutes per team          

6:30: Freestyle: three minute freestyle with five minutes including in and out

7:15: Winners announced, prizes presented

7:30: Auction: Chris Alger, professional auctioneer auctions off the remarkable well trained mustangs!

8:15 to 9: Cattle Dog event

Tickets: $5, ages 12 and under FREE!

Special to the Herald Times

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