Mustangs defeated by Silt, Rifle

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MEEKER — The young Mustangs took on the Silt Panthers at home Sunday afternoon.
Meeker lost possession of the ball on the first play of the game, but its extreme defense held Silt for the first quarter.
Sheridan Harvey, with two touchdowns gave the young Mustangs the lead they needed for the first half of the game 12-6.
Doak Mantle recovered a fumble, and with fellow team mates Cole Brown, Caleb Bradford and Jacob Pelloni, held the Panthers with great tackles. 
As the clouds came in and the storm hit the young Mustang’s quarterback Sheridan Harvey carried the ball for two crucial first downs, but the Panthers clawed their way into Meeker’s endzone and ran in for the extra point to leave the young Mustangs empty handed 12-13.
The older Mustangs where outsized and outplayed by the much more experienced Rifle team, falling 18-0.