Rangely Hospital warns of scam

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RANGELY I Rangely residents are warned to avoid a local telephone scam.
Town residents are receiving phone calls from an 866-218-7985 phone number. The automated call states they are from Rangely District Hospital and ask you to verify your name, date of birth, etc.
Rangely District Hospital says this is not something they would do and people should report similar calls.
Hospital official said the callers will you a pin number and tell you to call back.
This phone number given is registered out of India, the hospital warns. The caller will tell you the hospital is switching its billing company and want you to mail your payments to another address.
The hospital is not switching billing companies, and officials say they would never ask for personal information.
This has been reported to the police and the phone company. Please just hang up and never divulge your personal information.
Hospital officials said they want to assure patients that their information is secure and encrypted and that no breach has occurred.