Rangely school gets equipment

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RANGELY I Recently, the Rangely Junior/Senior High School has acquired some great new weightlifting equipment.

Thanks to a very generous donation from Douglas Chapman and Joel Hogan, the school was able to purchase completely new weightlifting equipment. The ribbon cutting was on Monday, Aug. 15, which was also the first day of school. The entire junior/senior high school gathered to celebrate the new equipment and thank Chapman and Hogan for their donation. Athletic director Mark Skelton said he believes “the weight room will now attract more student athletes because of the new equipment and now our teams should be bigger, better and stronger.” Although not everyone at Rangely junior/senior high plays a sport or is involved in a weightlifting program, the new equipment is a benefit to the entire school. Whether it’s important to the athletes or the fans, the equipment is a donation that is extremely appreciated by everyone.

By McKale Pennell, StuCo