Rangely Town Council adopts $7.7 million 2020 budget

RBC | Rangely Town Manager Lisa Piering told the board of trustees that total expenditures for 2020 revenues in 2020 is expected to be $7,722,558. Of the expenses $2,956,200 is in capital expenditures and $5,326,722 in regular expenses. The Town of Rangely will be applying for grants that, if received, will cover approximately 60% of the capital expenditures. Of the budgeted funds there will be three funds — water, wastewater and conservation trust — that will dip into reserves, but Piering reports they will not go below the balances on any of those funds. She noted that there were increases to workers compensation and health insurance since the last budget meeting. There were no questions or public input exercised regarding the budget resolution, which was adopted.

Special Districts Meeting

Mayor Andy Shaffer said they met with special districts on Dec. 5 and it was a good meeting. There wasn’t an update available on the project with the HVAC between Rangely District Hospital and the Western Rio Blanco Recreation District. Michael Dillon has been invited to the next meeting to talk about backflow preventer and to come up with a solution. There were no reports from the council at this meeting.

Gas Department Update

Gas Department Supervisor Kelli Neiberger said gas usage was up in October more than 50% from the 10-year average, November usage was up as well due to the colder temperatures. Each year the gas meters are tested, and they are changed out every 10 years. The department has finished that project as well as 1,200 feet of gas main near County Road 102 and installation of two services and a fuel line to the shop. There was a service line hit on Prospect Avenue and the necessary repairs were made. Neiberger attended the 911 meeting and said from a gas department perspective she’d like to keep the 911 dispatch services for Rangely in Rangely.

“We have a way of doing things here and I would feel so much better if dispatch was kept in Rangely,” she said.

“At this time we are not looking to get rid of dispatch,” Shaffer said. Piering clarified, saying that the dispatchers must go through training for emergency call outs and Rangely is one of the few communities that operate their own gas system and it is a liability due to the quickness that they need to respond.

LED lights have been installed in the Christmas decorations on the light poles.

Town Manager’s Report

The annual Shop ’N’ Dine program finished with $7,165, which was 98% of what the Town of Rangely issued. That amount went back into the business community.

Piering will be meeting with the county attorney about the building inspector contract.

Flood plain mapping is moving into the preliminary phase. She said that FEMA and AECOM will be reaching out in January to start having public meetings to coordinate the distribution of information pertaining to the impacts of the revised maps. The town will be looking at certifying the berm and will look at grants to help cover the cost.

In 2020 they plan on working on their policies and procedures and comprehensive plan. Jeff Kummer was reviewing municipal building codes and they will continue to work on those.

Piering visited the Innovation Plaza with CNCC at Dixie State University in Utah, a Craig City Council member attended with them as well.

Resolutions Approved

Designated a public place for posting meeting notices (2019-09).

Certification of the 2020 mill levy for $167,314.

Summary of expenditures and revenues for the general fund, water fund, wastewater fund, gas fund, conservation trust fund, housing assistance fund, RDA fund and Rangely Development Corporation and adopting said budgets for fiscal year 2020 (2019-10).

Summary of expenditures and revenues for the Rangely Foundation for Public Giving and adoption of 2020 budget (2019-11).

Summary of expenditures and revenues for the Rangely Housing Authority (White River Village) and adoption of 2020 budget (2019-12).

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 24 at 7 p.m.

By Roxie Fromang | Special to the Herald Times