RBC 4-H livestock teams wins contest

The junior and senior livestock judging teams from Rio Blanco County made their marks at too competitions last weekend, one in Montrose and one in Gunnison, winning the team title in Montrose and many individual awards at both competitions.
This past weekend the RBC judging team competed in a double header and won them both.
The junior team of Madi Shults, Macy Collins, Kenzie Turner and Marryn Shults judged the classes at the fourth annual Tri River Area Judging contest at the Montrose County Fairgrounds Friday. They won the team title and many individual awards.
In the beef division, Alana Willey placed 10th, Shults ninth and Turner sixth.
In swine Macy Collins placed eighth, Shults fourth and Turner third.
In sheep, Turner placed second.
In placings Collins earned ninth, Shults seventh and Turner was awarded “high individual.”
In reasons, Turner placed seventh, Kaylee Mecham fifth, Collins fourth and Shults was the “first loser,” or reserve champion.
Overall: Marryn Shults placed tenth, Collins placed seventh, Madi Shults placed fifth and Turner was third. The team won swine, placings and reasons. They were second in beef and third overall in sheep.
Maclaine Shults and Sam finally got their teammates, Landon and Layne Mecham, back on the road for their second contest as a senior team since the 4 Corners contest in March.
The senior team placed fifth in reasons, while Maclaine Shults placed second in hogs, ninth in sheep and third in reasons.
After the ceremony the team loaded up their new awardsbefore heading to Gunnison.
No one could remember a more beautiful day in Gunnison and it only got better for Rio Blanco County 4-H as the day wound down.
A few more teams from the Eastern slope found their way to Gunnison in spite of their flatlander fear of Monarch Pass and our bunch handled them just as harshly as they did the day before. Approximately 200 fellow Colorado 4-H members, coaches, siblings and parents sat in the awards ceremony dressed in their Sunday best and got to watch Rio Blanco 4-H judges walk back and forth to the awards stand all night.
Beef: Madi Shults seventh, Turner fourth.
Sheep: Shults seventh, Lyle Urich fourth and Collins was the high individual.
Swine: Shults third, Turner reserve champion.
Placings: Shults third, Turner was high individual
Reasons: Turner tenth, Collins second and Shults champion.
Overall: Shults was the reserve champion for the third year in a row at Gunnison. To top it off, she was beat by a teammate in her rookie season, no less. Kenzie Turner was the 66th annual Gunnison Contest Junior Champion Livestock Judge. I don’t think she’s quit smiling yet.
The junior team won reasons and sheep, third in beef and swine, second in placings and won the junior team championship.
Maclaine Shults was the reserve champion senior beef judge and finished seventh in reasons. The gilts almost ate her before lunch, but they couldn’t quite walk over to get her down and the Shultsenhiemers have never had a real good eye for goats. But, we will get better.
Our team collected eight of the traditional leather plaques that Gunnison has awarded since the contest began. Also, Maclaine, Madi and Macy Shults are third generation participants at Gunnison as their grandfathers and parents all judged at Gunnison back in the last century.
The teams would like to thank WREA, Encana, Enterprise and Mountain Valley Bank for sponsoring them and/or allowing them to earn the money to cover their expenses which helped them enjoy the most successful season in our history.