RBC Days Gone By: July 28, 2020

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The Meeker Herald | 125 years ago

• True love is all the sweeter because its course doesn’t run smooth. 

• There is a growing suspicion that the noisiest politician is usually the one who is always ready to entertain a cash proposition from the opposition.

The Meeker Herald | 100 years ago

• Frank C. Goeder, and wife and baby passed through town last Saturday, after a visit with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goeder of Rangely. Frank is a White River boy who has made good. He is a graduate of the state Agricultural College; holds a big position as an engineer at Collins; served the Nation well in the World War, and is among the young men this county should feel proud of. 

• One piece bathing suits have been passed by the censor, but they will not be overlooked by the spectator.

The Meeker Herald| 50 years ago

• Calvary Baptist Church of Meeker was the setting for the July 19 wedding of Miss Jennifer Lynn Frost and Charles Robert Whiteman.  

• Representing Rio Blanco County at the State 4-H Style Revue in Pueblo, will be Miss Janelle Gentry, grand champion style revue winner here Tuesday evening. Reserve champion is Miss Eleanor Buckles. Janelle is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Gentry and Eleanor, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clanton Buckles, all of Meeker.

The Meeker Herald | 25 years ago

• The 4-H Fashion Revue is a big deal for the young people who participate each year at about this time. The revue is part of the 4-H clothing project requirement. This year’s winners are Kati Wood, Fallonn Kiser and Melissa Abolt. 

• Winners of the Colorado Day parade were Tanisha Gates, Kelsy Tate, Ariel Marten, Dustin Allen, Jarrett Waldref, Kimberly Davis, Katelin Waldref, Tel Gates and Adam Dewey.

Rangely Times | 50 years ago

• Work is progressing on the new Assembly of God church on East Main Street. The former church, one of the first churches in Rangely, has been moved to the south side of the site and will be used as a Sunday School classroom building.  

• A true diplomat is a man who can tell you to go to hell so tactfully that you’ll actually look forward to making the trip.

Rangely Times | 25 years ago

• Various representatives from coal and power companies, local government officials and federal and state agencies met at CNCC Thursday for the ninth annual Coal Conference.  

• Now we have a ban on smoking in the Senior Center, regardless of the fact that the seniors don’t want it. The Commissioners have set up a policy of protectionism and cannot be denied. 

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