RMS showing school spirit

RANGELY I The homecoming week at the Rangely Middle School turned out to be a success, no matter how wacky it really was! STUCO sponsored all the crazy dress up day’s competition and activities. On Monday, we had duct tape day. The costumes ranged from small strips of tape to full dresses crafted from only duct tape. On Tuesday, our middle school was full of kooky rock stars. Thick eyeliner, big earrings, and boots were not rare. Wednesday was full of peace. Long hair, headbands and beads made our hippie day really successful. Panther Pride day was the final competition day. Jerseys and Panther gear were sported and a drive to beat all our opposing teams who dared to cross us filled our school.
The last 15 minutes of our Thursday classes was a pep rally where our cheerleaders pumped us up for all the games and tournaments and we did our graduation year cheer. Seventh grade screamed their way to top and then we had one more cheer from our cheerleaders before we all went home and got ready for the annual chili dinner and bonfire. The bonfire was at the old location of Parkview. The high school ran the stage, introducing all high school sports and classes. Flares were flown into the fire and the entire location started glowing from the warmth and light from the fire and the enthusiasm of the crowd.
Friday began with a homecoming parade where all our sports teams and other classes and clubs had colorful and original floats. Our middle school had their own green and white float. At seven that evening our Panther football team jogged out on to the field with only the thought of beating Nucla on their minds. The music teacher, Mr. Heaps, had his band out in the stands playing our school song and other songs to get everybody pumped up. The results of the game were incredible. Our team won by a landslide, 66:6!
Saturday the middle school had football and volleyball games. Middle school volleyball did awesome and won all of the games they played. Our football team was beat just barely 22-20.
The homecoming dance was Saturday from 9 p.m. to midnight. With homecoming over, all the presidents and parents took a deep breath and started preparing themselves for next year!