Sleepy Cat legacy lives on with new shop

Adrienne Wix offers a variety of items at the Sleepy Cat Yogi Shop at 1130 Market St., Meeker. The sign above her is from the family’s old Sleepy Cat Guest Ranch property.

MEEKER | The Sleepy Cat Yogi Shop is not what you might expect. Owner Adrienne Wix was compelled to open her shop, being motivated by her own personal trials in life. In an interview, Wix made it clear that she is a natural born problem solver. Challenges with her own health issues, including chronic pain, along with a frustration with modern medicine, inspired her to set about the task of solving the problem of how to live life as pain free as possible. She appears to have discovered a means to do just that, and now wants to share what she has learned with others.  Her success in her personal life has given her a purpose; to be a voice for people with chronic pain and to share what has worked for her.

A certified yoga instructor, Wix is available to help create what she calls “Comfort Creation.”  She is available for a free consultation to help develop a customized “mobility plan” which involves private (and semi-private) yoga instruction. Along with customized yoga instruction, the shop offers an extensive selection of handmade jewelry, yoga apparel and even healthy “road snack” alternatives.

To speak to Wix about scheduling a consultation, give her a call at 970-234-3393 or stop by the store at 1130 Market St. in Meeker.



  1. My tattoo artist remembers you at her shop! We were talking about mala necklaces and she said you used to work there. Wondered if I knew where Meeker was. Ryan told me to tell you hi, Adrienne!

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