Summer rules for forest travel begin today

RBC I “Summer” officially arrives on the White River National Forest today.

As of today, the Blanco Ranger District transitions from winter to summer travel, and most of the roads and trails that permit motorized vehicle use will be open for recreation.
In some years, trails and roads at lower elevations might be suitable for use ahead of their scheduled official opening date; in others years, openings may be delayed until road conditions will accommodate use without damaging the road surface.
“This year I anticipate that motorized roads and trails will open on May 21; however, some road segments at higher elevations could remain closed beyond May 21 if roads are still saturated by melting snow” said District Ranger Ken Coffin.
Coffin would also like to remind forest visitors that some roads and trails remain closed until June 21 to protect calving elk in areas such as Lost Park and in the area around Howey Reservoir. He also encourages anyone who has questions about motorized travel on local national forest lands to stop by the district office.
Kristin Silva, the Blanco Ranger District’s Visitor Information Assistant, responds to inquiries about trail and road conditions. The calls increase in frequency as the weather warms and people begin to plan weekends in the woods.
“We appreciate it when people call ahead and ask questions; it helps avoid any misunderstanding,” Silva said. “We also love it when they send us pictures and trail reports after their visit.”
In addition to inquiring at the district office, visitors can find answers to their “what, where and when” questions on the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) available at the district office and online at whiteriver.
MVUMs identify routes open to motorized travel. Routes not shown on the MVUM are not legal motorized routes.
MVUMs are free and provide information on every motorized trail the district manages, including opening and closing dates and appropriate vehicle width.
Blanco District road and trail condition reports are updated weekly at:
For more questions, please call the Blanco Ranger District at 970-878-4039.