Swimmingly Spectacular

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The Rangely Hurricane swimmers tackled the waters Thursday, June 28, at their annual USA Swimming Swim-a-Thon. Eighteen swimmers took the challenge of swimming for two straight hours or 200 lengths of the pool, which ever came first. Nine swimmers completed 200 lengths or 2.84 miles in the allotted time including Geli Brown, Alexis Lopez, Andrew Morton, Caleb Noel, James, Scoggins, Patrick Scoggins, William Scoggins, Alexsis Silva-McKay, and Korrynn Wenzel. Those swimming for two full hours but falling short of 200 lengths include Ashton Bennett, Travis Coates, Austin Ficken, Corbin Lucero, Joseph McKay, Colton Noel, Mary Scoggins, Timothy Scoggins, and Brandon Willis. Thanks go out to all those who supported the Hurricanes at this event.