Rangely residents discuss rural water

April 30, 2021 Lucas Turner 1

RANGELY | The Rio Blanco Water Conservancy District Manager Alden Vanden Brink along with board President Wade Cox and Vice President Tim Winkler laid out details and answered questions for interested Western Rio Blanco County […]


Loose Ends: Water Rights

April 12, 2021 Lucas Turner 0

MEEKER | “You don’t understand. My grandfather lost his life over who owns the water from the river.” Listening to a friend’s story about her grandfather’s struggles to get enough water to his crops and […]


Conservation Corner: Soil Moisture

March 31, 2021 Lucas Turner 0

Soil health plays an important role in the success of any agricultural operation. This is especially true of soil moisture. Soil acts as a major storage reservoir for moisture. According to NRCS, soil with just […]


New Instream Flow Water Rights Proposed

March 17, 2021 Lucas Turner 0

Notice of 49 new instream flow (ISF) recommendations across the State of Colorado has been provided by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB). Twelve of these recommended ISF water rights are located in the White […]


Understanding abandoned water rights

November 21, 2020 Lucas Turner 0

RBC | Every 10 years, the Colorado Division of Water Resources’ (DWR) publishes its water right abandonment list. The list — released on July 1, 2020 — represents water rights that each division engineer is […]

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