The college on the hill: An introspective

CNCC students in the stands at Rangely High School supporting the football team during this year’s homecoming game.

CNCC students in the stands at Rangely High School supporting the football team during this year’s homecoming game.
I have been a resident of Rangely, Colo., for the past eight years. In those eight years I have graduated high school, attended college and had an opportunity to start heading down my career path. Most students will credit their college in helping with their success seeing as how that is where they received their education. However, not many students can acknowledge all that their college does for their community.
During my time here in Rangely, I have been given multiple opportunities thanks to CNCC. As a junior in high school I was afforded the opportunity to take dual-credit classes through CNCC; after high school graduation, CNCC is where I pursued my associates with the help of their in-district tuition; and now, while completing my bachelor’s, CNCC has given me an internship that will skyrocket my experience and help me move on to the next chapter when the time comes.
By Samantha Nichols
Not only has CNCC helped me as a student, they also play a large part in helping our community. Just having the college here helps by bringing faculty, staff and students to our town. The students help our local business by seeking employment and the clubs and sports teams are constantly helping out with town events and offering encouragement to the town’s sports teams. The activities that the college provide such as rafting, rock climbing, dances, rodeo events and sports games make for wonderful events for the whole town to attend and enjoy.
The college helps by making relationships — relationships between the student who come from all over to participate in the various programs, and the students from our local community. Relationships that have been made between the local businesses help the college create more events and allow our community to give back. The best part about the relationships our college creates is that they are ones that last. Our alumni from many graduating classes still remain in contact with teachers, other students, and even people from the community who they had befriended while here.
It’s a network that we are all a part of. CNCC isn’t just the college on the hil, it is an important part of our town. The support is given to the college and in turn given right back to the community. This is a relationship that I hope for my future generations will continue to flourish.