Towns plan mosquito control measures

MEEKER I The town of Meeker will conduct aerial spraying to control flies and mosquitoes between June 27-30, depending on weather conditions. Spraying will occur along the river within town limits and adjacent areas just after daybreak. Additional information is available at Town Hall, 345 Market St., (970)878-5344, on the town’s website at, or from Gary Coulter, (970)878-5045.

RANGELY I The town of Rangely has authorized Coulter Aviation to perform aerial spraying for control of flies and mosquitoes in the Rangely area. The area to be sprayed will include the swamps and wetlands adjacent to the White River starting at Taylor Draw Dam and following the river to a point approximately one mile west of Rangely, including the Cedar Ridges Golf Course. For maximum results, the town intends to spray three times during the 2011 season. Residents will be advised of the time and date of spraying by mail, and the time and date will be posted in advance at the Rangely Post Office.