VETERAN VOICE: Identify the enemy correctly

Any veteran can tell you that your odds of getting killed are significantly increased if you are unable to identify the bad guys. The Commander in Chief is not the enemy, he is the elected President of the United States of America. Unfortunately his position is being used by very rich and powerful individuals from both political parties to achieve their personal and political agendas even if it means endangering American citizens and destroying our Constitution.  The crisis on our southern border and Covid-19 are the most egregious examples. Unchecked trafficking of humans, weapons and drugs, coupled with safety mandates that adversely impact middle class wage earners and their families, to include the young children, affect the very core of our Constitutional Republic.


Special to the Herald Times

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  1. Funny thing here is that there was no crisis on the Sothern border, little or no drug traffic, human smuggling, coyotes working freely and flight of illegals from Texas to other States.
    When President Trump was in Charge. Now that’s a Commander in Chief!!

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