White River Basin snowpack at 90%

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RBC | Reporting sites for the White River Basin indicate December’s total precipitation at 90% of average and at 81% of last year’s average as of January 2020. Year-to-date precipitation through December is at 73% of average and 100% of last year’s average.

Reporting sites for the White River Basin include Bison Lake, Burro Mountain, Ripple Creek, Trappers Lake and Rio Blanco.

Snowpack percentages for the White River Basin are at 87% of the median. Last year at the same time the basin reported 107% of the median snowpack.

The Yampa and White River basins combined are on track with 2017 at this point in the season.

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  1. The data in the included chart does not match with your headline or the written content. Just a glance will tell you that the current season line is above both the average and the median lines.

    According to the chart (both graphic and text) the snow pack is 112% of average. It is almost like whoever wrote this inverted the fractions. i.e. the average over the current data rather than the reverse.

  2. Entirely possible; we will look into the calculations and adjust as necessary. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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