Meeker Craft and Gift Show…

Dinner is served…


This was one of the slower moments on Sunday afternoon during the St. James Episcopal Church’s Thanksgiving Dinner as droves of people attended the annual event, which offered a full Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, drink and dessert. As soon as the Denver Bronco game was over, the crowd poured in, […]

From My Window: Connecting Veterans Day and Thanksgiving; Broncos loss a temporary setback

We are caught today between Veterans Day, which was Wednesday, and Thanksgiving, which is in two weeks. Are they related? Could they be? Should they be?

County unemployment rate drops by 0.6 percent

RBC I The Rio Blanco County unemployment rate is not as low as it was a year ago, but the figures for September indicate that the jobless rate fell more than a half point, from 5.1 percent in August to 4.5 percent in September.

Mock Disaster: Staged fatality a sobering event

MEEKER I When one arrived on the scene, a double take was not uncommon. A mock fatality accident in the Meeker High School upper parking lot was set up to show a well-made up but uncovered gruesome body in the parking lot, about 15 feet ahead of a vehicle that had obviously been involved in […]

From My Window: Remember our veterans on Wednesday; mock disaster sobering

Wednesday is Veterans Day, and while so much has been written about what we owe our veterans over the years, it is never enough. It is tough to put into simple words what our nation’s veterans have meant, mean and will mean in the future to this United States of America.

One MSD incumbent wins; incumbents win in Rangely, tax loses

RBC I The Meeker Board of Education will take on a new look, the Rangely School Board will remain the same, the mil levy tax override for added Rangely school funding failed and county voters told the state to keep its excess marijuana tax money and use it for education, law enforcement and other state […]

HopeWest-Meeker Halloween Gala fundraiser a success!

From My Window: Selle has correct picture; Vote in election!!!

I like when things are clear, and I can see clearly out my windows today that new Meeker Superintendint of Schools Chris Selle is offering a clear vision of what life is within the Meeker School District after his 100th day on the job. A person with a clear view and a clear mission is […]

Big buck…


Usually the big bucks know when rifle seasons start, but this high-scoring mule deer buck must have forgot to check the calendar as he was out Saturday afternoon walking up Miller Creek Road about a mile from the bridge that crosses the White River, oblivious to the fact it was hunting season. He stood and […]


phMKWestEndOfTrapper's Lake

Burned out snags, killed in the Big Fish fire in 2002, stand as silent sentinels over the west end of Trappers Lake, located about 50 miles east of Meeker. The area is popular with those who like to stay at Trappers Lake Lodge and its cabins as well as the many campgrounds that dot the […]

Fall days…


Rio Blanco County has been enjoying an abundance of above-normal temperatures the past couple of weeks, and one of the fans of the warmer weather is Casey Coryell of Meeker, who was enjoying the day recently in downtown Meeker.