Letters to the Editor: Update from Rio Blanco County Assessor Renae T. Neilson

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to Rio Blanco County taxpayers and residents: I want to give you a quick update of things happening at the Rio Blanco County Assessor’s Office.

Letter to the Editor: We should choose a plant-based diet

Dear Editor: Have you ever stopped and wondered why society deems it proper to kill and eat a pig, but abusing a dog or cat is considered animal cruelty? Or why we wear leather, the skin of an animal, but think wearing fur is cruel? This is, unfortunately, the very sad reality we live in […]

Letter to the Editor: Now is the time to eliminate invading weeds in RBC

Dear Editor: Whitetop, hoary cress, is blossoming now and can be seen just west of the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife and north of the intersection of highways 13 and 8.

Letter to the Editor: Commissioners, emergency manager involved behind the scenes

Dear Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to inform the citizens of Rio Blanco County of some behind-the-scenes work that your commissioners and your County Emergency Manager Ty Gates have been involved in the past year and half. First, the statute for emergency management lies within the commissioner prevue. In January 2015, they […]

Letter to the Editor: Jon Hill for county commissioner

Dear Editor: Rio Blanco County is in a precarious position. We have lost a tremendous amount of revenue mainly due to the decline of the oil/gas related industries. Not only do the employees directly employed by this industry suffer, the effects trickle down to almost every household in the county in one way or another. […]

Letter to the Editor: MSD works to rebuild lost programs

Dear Editor: This is to inform constituents of the Meeker School District about recent decisions made by their school board.

Letter to the Editor: Right mental health treatment needed at right time

Dear Editor: There is a missing piece in the current Senate Bill 169 on Gov. John Hickenlooper’s Desk: Psychiatric Care.

Letter to the Editor: Good time had at Old Timers’ dinner

Dear Editor: Hello to all. I just wanted to share with everyone what an enjoyable evening myself, my son and his wife had in Meeker this past Saturday evening as we attended the “Old Timers Dinner.” It was wonderful to visit with so many friends that I don’t get to see that often. The history […]

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for food donations in Rangely

Dear Editor: The Rangely Post Office employees would like to say thank you for a great turnout of food donations for our local Rangely Food Bank.

Letter to the Editor: Not all can vote on commissioners

Dear Editor: In your paper two weeks ago, a front page article announced that the County Republican Party was hosting two county commissioner candidate forums for the four Republican candidates in the two districts (West End and East End) up for election this year —one in Rangely and one in Meeker.

Letter to the Editor: Squeaky wheel for transportation

Dear Editor: A squeaking wheel, this one voiced by those of us who believe obsolete and dangerous highways on the state highway system should be modernized, almost got greased by a law if passed by our legislature which would have provided funds for several highway improvement projects on the East Slope and two here in […]

Letter to the Editor: Open letter to hunters, guides, outfitters

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to hunters, guides and outfitters. Please take a second to review the current proposed actions of Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). This past week, the CPW released the recommended tag allocations for big game animals.