MSD approves rest of budget: $399,299 shortfall

MEEKER I The highlight of the Jan. 19 Meeker School Board meeting was the re-approval of the Fiscal Year/School Year 2015-2016 district budget of $6,299,485. Included in this budget is a projected deficit of $399,229, which will come out of the district’s reserves. Share on Facebook

Meeker school board strengthens public complaints policy

MEEKER I The Meeker Board of Education (BOE) approved a revised district policy guiding the handling of public concern and complaints. The board repeated unequivocally that “constructive criticism motivated by a sincere desire to improve the quality of the educational program or to equip the schools to do their tasks more effectively is welcomed.” Share […]

New members…

The top two new officers of the Meeker Board of Education, elected at the Nov. 17 board meeting, are, from left to right, President Bud Ridings and Vice President Tom Allen. Bill deVergie, the outgoing board president, was elected secretary/treasurer, but was not available for the photo. Board officers are elected for two-year terms. Share […]

MSB approves new personnel

MEEKER I Oct. 20 was the last meeting of the current Meeker Board of Education (BOE) as there will be at least one new board member after Tuesday’s elections. Share on Facebook

Meeker School Board candidates answer questions from public

MEEKER I After students escorted the Board of Education (BOE) candidates down the aisle on the evening of Oct. 13, Meeker High School Head Boy Nick Burri led off the questions at the public candidate forum. The nine candidates were spread across the stage at the high school auditorium and nearly 50 voters were there […]

Three Meeker candidates run for one two-year school board seat

MEEKER I There are three candidates for one two-year term on the Meeker Board of Education. Each candidate was asked to provide a brief biographical description, answers to five questions and a photo. They were asked to keep each answer to about 150 words. The Herald Times ran the answers from the six candidates for […]

Selle believes there are no missing MSD funds from grants

MEEKER I At several Meeker Board of Education (BOE) meetings, Dr. Bob Dorsett has asked the board to identify the “more than $130,000 in grants for various educational and academic improvement programs in the 2013-14 academic year” that High School Building Accountability Committee (BAC) co-chairs Robert D. Amick and Stacy Hudelson and BAC member Laurie […]

Dorsett calls MSD protocol into question; new MHS classes nixed

MEEKER I Dr. Robert Dorsett, a longtime Meeker High School teacher, spoke up during the call to the public at the June 2 Meeker Board of Education (BOE) meeting, asking about the Meeker School District English as a Second Language (ESL) para-professional having been told, the last full day of school, that her position was […]

Meeker School Board hires two teachers: Dorsett out once again

MEEKER I On the recommendation of Superintendent Mark Meyer, the Meeker Board of Education hired two new high school math and science teachers on April 21 to replace Don Cameron and Dr. Robert Dorsett. Share on Facebook

Selle named MSD superintendent

Chris Selle has been named superintendent of the Meeker School District starting July 1. More will be in this week’s Herald Times. Share on Facebook

Ibach, Wedding resign…

At the trustee meeting Tuesday night, Meeker School Board members accepted the resignations of two prominent high school staff members, including Meeker High School Principal Dr. Kim Ibach. Share on Facebook

Meeker school board addresses Dorsett, TELL surveys, audit

MEEKER I The Meeker School District’s Board of Education (BOE) met Jan. 6 for the first time since the announcement in mid-December that the citizen’s recall effort seeking to replace the three longest-serving members of the board had failed for lack of signatures. Share on Facebook