Taxing error, reduced valuation lead to 83 percent cut for conservation districts

RBC I The tax valuation within Rio Blanco County has dropped considerably this year and taxpayers will be paying a reduced amount in 2016. Therefore, the county and special districts within the county will be receiving less. The conservation districts’ tax revenues will be reduced significantly more due to an error identified by the county […]

BLM is evaluating oil and gas leases in Rio Blanco and others

RBC I The Bureau of Land Management is seeking public comments on a proposal to offer about 100,000 acres of federal minerals in northwestern Colorado in the May 2017 competitive oil and gas lease sale. Share on Facebook

BLM nixes 25 gas leases in White River National Forest

RBC I On Friday, the Bureau of Land Management canceled 25 natural gas leases in the White River National Forest after the U.S Geological Survey noted that the Piceance Basin is among the largest natural gas reserves in the country. Share on Facebook

Analysis: Oil and gas issues costly to state economy, jobs

RBC I A new economic impact analysis confirms that the proposed ballot initiative for 2,500 foot setbacks of oil and gas wells would have a dramatically negative impact on the Colorado economy. The study, commissioned by the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. and completed by the Business Research Division at the University of Colorado’s Leeds […]

Tipton comments on news of huge gas deposits in the Piceance Basin

RBC I U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton (CO-03) submitted remarks to the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) during a listening session on the administration’s review of the federal coal program on June 23. The DOI has launched a comprehensive review of the federal coal program to identify and consider potential reforms. Share on Facebook

Tipton on huge gas find

RBC I Congressman Scott Tipton (R-CO) issued the following statement in response to Thursday’s announcement by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) that the Mancos Shale deposit in the Piceance Basin has the potential to be the second largest natural gas deposit in the United States. Share on Facebook

Bennet bill would return severance tax to counties

RBC I Colorado U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet has introduced an amendment to force the federal government to return revenues that were promised to and are rightfully owed to Northwest Colorado. Share on Facebook

A Look at the West: This is just exactly what an oil bust looks like

RBC I In early March, Daniel Fine, associate director of the New Mexico Center for Energy Policy, told a gathering of tribal energy officials that the oil bust is officially on. Those gathered, however, sure as heck didn’t need an expert to tell them that. Share on Facebook

A Look at the West: With oil, gas down, where are the critics?

RBC I Just a few short years ago, the shrillest environmentalist voices targeted oil companies’ “obscene” profits. Today, American energy producers are swallowing big losses. Yet rather than celebrating, those same environmentalists have gone silent. Share on Facebook

WRNF places 2 million acres out of leasing

RBC I White River National Forest Supervisor Scott Fitzwilliams announced on Thursday the release of the Final Record of Decision (ROD) for future oil and gas leasing on the forest. The Final ROD approves the document that identifies lands available for oil and gas leasing on the 2.2 million acre White River National Forest and […]

National Park Service may strengthen its regulations on oil and gas exploration

RBC I For years, the company operating oil wells in New Mexico’s Aztec National Monument was exempt from being regulated by the National Park Service, which manages the site to protect ancient Pueblo structures. As a result, a dirt access road to one of the wells runs directly over buried ruins. Share on Facebook

BLM releases DEIS on previous oil, gas leases in White River Nat’l Forest

RBC I On Nov. 18, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that analyzes 65 existing oil and gas leases located on the White River National Forest, including leases in the Thompson Divide area. The 49-day public comment period on the DEIS began when the Environmental Protection Agency’s Notice […]