A Look at the West: This is just exactly what an oil bust looks like

RBC I In early March, Daniel Fine, associate director of the New Mexico Center for Energy Policy, told a gathering of tribal energy officials that the oil bust is officially on. Those gathered, however, sure as heck didn’t need an expert to tell them that.

A Look at the West: With oil, gas down, where are the critics?

RBC I Just a few short years ago, the shrillest environmentalist voices targeted oil companies’ “obscene” profits. Today, American energy producers are swallowing big losses. Yet rather than celebrating, those same environmentalists have gone silent.

WRNF places 2 million acres out of leasing

RBC I White River National Forest Supervisor Scott Fitzwilliams announced on Thursday the release of the Final Record of Decision (ROD) for future oil and gas leasing on the forest. The Final ROD approves the document that identifies lands available for oil and gas leasing on the 2.2 million acre White River National Forest and […]

National Park Service may strengthen its regulations on oil and gas exploration

RBC I For years, the company operating oil wells in New Mexico’s Aztec National Monument was exempt from being regulated by the National Park Service, which manages the site to protect ancient Pueblo structures. As a result, a dirt access road to one of the wells runs directly over buried ruins.

BLM releases DEIS on previous oil, gas leases in White River Nat’l Forest

RBC I On Nov. 18, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that analyzes 65 existing oil and gas leases located on the White River National Forest, including leases in the Thompson Divide area. The 49-day public comment period on the DEIS began when the Environmental Protection Agency’s Notice […]

Can drilling and recreation get along in Moab, Utah, region?

RBC I Neal Clark has been watching his feet a lot this fall day. The young environmental lawyer chose flipflops for the day’s tour of the Utah desert with the blithe self-assurance of someone comfortable outdoors. Remarkably, he’s stumbled into thorns only once.

Obstructing XL pipeline might come back and bite environmentalists

RBC I Climate activist Bill McKibben recently patted the environmental movement on the back for obstructing the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport oil sands from Alberta, Canada (along with U.S. supply) to the Gulf.

Local oil, gas amendment released

RBC I The Bureau of Land Management on Friday released its Proposed Oil and Gas Amendment  to the White River Field Office Resource Management Plan, which will help guide oil and gas development in northwestern Colorado’s Piceance Basin for the next 20 years.

Letter to the Editor: County planning for oil and gas future

Dear Editor: The West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association counts Rio Blanco County among the most business and industry friendly places in Colorado. This fact is important because recent discoveries of natural gas in the Niabrara and Mancos Shales, on top of the already well known robust energy reserves in Rio Blanco County, means […]

Letter to the Editor: Regarding oil, gas spills in Colorado

Dear Editor: The recent article in the Rio Blanco Herald Times about oil and gas spills in Colorado provides limited data from the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and does not provide an accurate context around how much is actually spilled.

There were 712 oil and gas spills throughout Colorado during 2014

DENVER I Spills from oil and gas operations in Colorado reached 712 last year, according to the 2014 Toxic Release Tracker issued Thursday by the Center for Western Priorities (CWP). The new data reveal that oil and gas companies were responsible for two spills every day in the state, together releasing more than 1 million […]

BLM nixes 17 of 19 leases on Roan Plateau

DENVER I As part of a landmark settlement agreement announced in November, the Bureau of Land Management last week canceled 17 of the 19 leases on top of the Roan Plateau near Rifle.