Letter: Disappointed

Though I was glad to finally see some closure to the Berthelson murder, I was quite disappointed in the sentence Neil Joy received. I’ve never really understood how a person can end someone’s life and only get a few years “punishment.”

Letter: Tar sands, oil shale

I would like to comment on the anonymous contribution to your paper last week extolling the virtues of unconventional energy resources such as tar sands and oil shale.

How to overthrow the status quo­­­? Civic responsibility

RBC I Across the nation, people take to the streets in record numbers to overthrow the greed and politics they say has hijacked the American dream.

Letter: Annual visitor expresses thanks

It is about time for us to publicly thank the great businesses in Meeker that have made our annual hunting trip such a pleasure.

Letter: Time running out for Iran

Recently the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, who thoroughly investigated the Iranian nuclear development program, concluded Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

Letter: V.F.W. thanks Barone students, staff

On behalf of the Meeker V.F.W. Post 5483 and the Meeker Ladies’ Auxiliary Post 5483, we would like to thank the staff of Barone Middle School and the students of Barone Middle School for the warm reception and tribute on Veterans Day.

Oil shale technology has come a long way

RBC I Progress has been made in oil shale research and development in the United States during the past year. Similar advances have been made outside U.S. borders.

Loose Ends: The most important civic duty

There are a lot of references to doing one’s civic duty throughout the year. Making a change in the community involves more than signing up to help a local organization or two. It means taking time on Election Day to vote.

Up and down el Rio Blanco: Compassion

A rollover accident claimed the lives of three men last week. Of course there are lessons to be learned and the first one I personally will work on is compassion. One never knows when a tragic accident will take the life of a loved one. Writing from experience, I’m thankful for the outpouring of compassion […]

Loose Ends: Weather unwise

What should I pack?” asked a first-time visitor to the White River valley. This question is often asked as if there is a definitive answer. No one understands when most people respond with a vague answer that indicates even year-round residents don’t have a clue.

Up and down el Rio Blanco: Get tougher

Get tougher,” my wife told me after I shared some more constructive criticism about my reporting skills, (or lack thereof) from a local reader.

Letter: Rector thanks festival volunteers

My name is Peggy Rector. I have been in charge of ordering the food for Septemberfest for a number of years.