2011 Pet Rock ContestMentor and Me (up to 7 years old)Best Dressed1.  Kastyn Dembowski – Best of Show2.  Teagen Dembowski3.  Carmella Fortunato4.  Hayden Garcia5.  Jaicee Simmons6.  Bren Crowe
Youth under 14Best Dressed1.  Dalton Dembowski2.  Phalon Osborn3.  Bransen Shelton4.  Samantha Lapp5.  Kayla Fortunato6.  Justin Henderson
Age 14-59Best Dressed1.  Brittany Babineaux2.  Myriah Moreno3.  Brandi Crowe4.  Karen Krug5.  Elizabeth Dickens6.  Linda Tipton
SeniorsBest Dressed1.  Shirley Sinclair2.  Leon Whitney3.  Rachel Palmer
Furthest Roller (4 and under)1.  Hayden Garcia2.  Mathias Cale3.  Jaicee Simmons
Furthest Roller (5-8 years old)1.  Karly Orris2.  Peter Hanks3.  Cori Mohr
Furthest Roller (9-15 years old)1.  Ashlee Lawson2.  Elena Cummings3.  Chevy Mohr
Furthest Roller (16 and up)1.  Kim Asselin2.  Sonya Garcia3.  Elizabeth Dickens
Sheep Lead ContestPeople’s Choice — Aimee ShultsWee Peep Girls1st Aimee Shults2nd Ryan Merglemen3rd SchritchfieldWeep Peep Boys1st Clay AllredJr. Boys1st Andrew Dorris2nd Anthony DorrisBo Peep Girls1st Rylee Allred2nd  Hadley Franklin3rd Sarah Kracht
Rio Blanco County Booths
GRAND CHAMPION OVERALL – Eastern Rio Blanco CattlewomenSponsored by The Salon (Rangely)COMMUNITY1st Place – Eastern Rio Blanco Cattlewomen2nd Place – Western Rio Blanco Cattlewomen3rd Place – Colorado Northwestern Community College4th Place – White River/Douglas Creek Conservation District5th Place – Meeker Chamber of Commerce
JUNIOR1st Place – Chipigitt2nd Place – Rangely Cloverbuds3rd Place – Rangely 4-H Council4th Place – Meeker Cloverbuds5th Place – Panther Country
Rio Blanco County Indoor ChampsHorticulture and Field CropsGrand Champion (Mentor and Me) – Hadley FranklinReserve Champion (Mentor and Me) – Montey FranklinGrand Champion (Youth) – Jeniffer KincherReserve Champion (Youth) – Del GarnerGrand Champion (Age 14-59) – Martha ColeReserve Champion (Age 14-59) – Toby SmithGrand Champion (Senior) – Rex AllredReserve Champion (Senior) – Rex AllredBest of Show – Martha ColeGift card donated by Bill and Debbie Jordan
FlowersGrand Champion (Age 14-59) – Toby SmithReserve Champion (Age 14-59) – Katie ConradoGrand Champion (Senior) – Phyllis SchoenhalsReserve Champion (Senior) – Phyllis SchoenhalsQueen of Show – Toby SmithDonated by Awesome Blossom Floral
FoodsDivision 1 – Pantry StoresGrand Champion (Mentor and Me) – Sarah KrachtGrand Champion (Ages 14-59) – Claire HowieReserve Champion (Ages 14-59) – Betty KrachtGrand Champion (Senior) – Mary AllredReserve Champion (Senior) – Jean WoodBest of Show – Sarah KrachtCanning under 14 award and rosette donated by Tony and Linda LeMaitre
Division 2 – Baked GoodsGrand Champion (Mentor and Me) – Charlie RogersReserve Champion (Mentor and Me) – Eva ScritchfieldGrand Champion (Youth) – Doak MantleReserve Champion (Youth) – Cori MohrGrand Champion (Ages 14-59) – Brooke MantleReserve Champion (Ages 14-59) – Bailey MantleGrand Champion (Senior)- Elinor WilliamsReserve Champion (Senior) – Jean WoodBest of Show – Jay JohnsonBaked goods award/gift donated by White River Electric AssociationBaked Goods award/rosette, Mentor and Me – Charlie RogersDonated by Tony and Linda LeMaitreBaked Goods Award/Rosette Under 14 – Jeniffer KincherDonated by Tony and Linda LeMaitre
Division 3 – Miscellaneous FoodsGrand Champion (Ages 14-59) – Toby SmithReserve Champion (Ages 14-59) – Denise SheridanGrand Champion (Senior) – Elinor Williams
Division 4 – Farm ProductsGrand Champion (Mentor and Me) – Hadley FranklinReserve Champion (Mentor and Me) – Cienna RogersGrand Champion (Youth) – N/AGrand Champion (Ages 14-59) – Lori ChintalaReserve Champion (Ages 14-59) – Lori ChintalaGrand Champion (Senior) – Elinor WilliamsReserve Champion (Senior) – Donna Collins
Needlework, Sewing and QuiltingSEWINGGrand Champion (Ages 14-59) – Lily MunnGrand Champion (Senior) – Beverly Bartucco
NEEDLEWORKGrand Champion (Senior) – Jane Oldland
KNITTINGGrand Champion (Senior) – Jane OldlandReserve Champion (Senior) – Elaine Jordan
CROCHETGrand Champion (Senior) – Mary WrenReserve Champion (Senior) – Mary Wren
QUILTINGGrand Champion (Youth) – Kastyn DembowskiGrand Champion (Ages 14-59) – Beverly BrennanGrand Champion (Senior) – Julie CecilReserve Champion (Senior) – Stephanie OldlandBest of Show AwardsNeedlework – Irene RoseDonated by The Salon (Rangely)Sewing (Youth) Kolbi FranklinDonated by Syble Barney
Hobbies and CraftsGrand Champion (Mentor and Me) – Cash LeischerReserve Champion (Mentor and Me) – Charlie RogersGrand Champion (Youth under 14) – Megan MorrellReserve Champion (Youth under 14) – Antoinette DorrisGrand Champion (Age 14-59) – Tod GouldReserve Champion (Age 14-59) – Landon WardellGrand Champion (Senior) – Mary AllredReserve Champion (Senior) – Lori FarrisBest of Show AwardsHobbies and Crafts (Child or Youth) – Antoinette DorrisDonated by The Tan Line and SalonHobbies and Crafts (Adult) – Toby SmithDonated by Salon on 6th Hobbies and Crafts (Senior) – Marlene TateDonated by Karen Arnold and Mary WashburnMost Creative Hobby – Thelma AdamsDonated by Ben and Cindy Arnold
ArtGrand Champion (Children 4-9) – Andrew DorrisReserve Champion (Children 4-9) – Jeniffer KincherGrand Champion (Youth 10-14) – Antoinette DorrisReserve Champion (Youth 10-14) – Sheridan HarveyGrand Champion (High School) – Trey MorrisReserve Champion (High School) – Anna EliasenGrand Champion (Adult Amateur) – Kay BivensReserve Champion (Adult Amateur) – Dorothy CollinsGrand Champion (Adult Professional) – Josie PatteeReserve Champion (Adult Professional) – Josie PatteeAdult Amateur Painting Award – Kay BivensDonated by Norma Oldland
PhotographyGrand Champion (Adult Amateur) – Pam WardellReserve Champion (Adult Amateur) – Kim EkstromGrand Champion (Adult Professional) – Samme ElderReserve Champion (Adult Professional) – Samme ElderBest of Show (Amateur) Pam WardellDonated by Bill and Gail PalmerBest Color Landscape (Amateur) Loretta McCoyDonated by Ellen RobinsonGrand Champion (Children 4-9) – Cori MohrReserve Champion (Children 4-9) – Andrew DorrisGrand Champion (Youth 10-14) – Kristen CoxReserve Champion (Youth 10-14) – Antoinette DorrisGrand Champion (High School) – Cory CoxReserve Champion (High School) – Lathrop HughesBest of Show (High School) Cory CoxDonated by Rio MesaBest of Show (Youth/Children) Elena CummingsDonated by Rio MesaMost Promising (High School and Younger) Kristen CoxDonated by Bill and Martha Mitchem
RBC Open Livestock ChampsDepartment 4 – Open BeefDivision 1: Dairy CattleChampion Female of All Breeds – Charlie Rogers (Open), Grant Sanderson (4-H)Reserve Champion Female of All Breeds – Grant Sanderson
Division 2: Beef CattleChampion Registered Female – Kolbi Franklin (4-H)Reserve Champion Registered Female – Macy Collins (4-H)Champion Commercial Hereford Heifer – Kolbi Franklin (4-H)Donated by Franklin Cattle Company
Department 5 – Open SwineChampion – Dawson WilleyReserve Champion – Chase May
Department 6 – Open SheepChampion Orphan Lamb – Vivian and Wagner BrownChampion Overall Ram – Janet ChapmanChampion Overall Ewe – Kelsie GrossReserve Champion Overall Ewe – Kelsie GrossChampion Pee Wee Showmanship – Tatumn KennedyReserve Champion Pee Wee Showmanship – Shauna LappAdult Sheep Showmanship JackpotChampion (21 and older) – Dani TheosReserve Champion (21 and older) – Heath Hornecker3rd Place (21 and older) – Mike WileyChampion (under 20) – Megan RidingsReserve Champion (under 20) – Brett Carroll
3rd Place (under 20) – Piper Haney
Department 7 – Open GoatsChampion Doeling – Macy Collins
Department 9 – Open PoultryBest of Show Champion – Grant SandersonDonated by Big D’s Professional Carpet CleaningBest of Show Reserve Champion – Grant Sanderson
Department 8 – Open RabbitsBest in Show (Open) Macy CollinsDonated by Ed and Bonnie CoryellBest Opposite Sex in Show (Open) Macy CollinsDonated by Rio Blanco County Fair BoardChampion Buck – Macy CollinsReserve Champion Buck – Macy CollinsChampion Doe – A.J. GarnerReserve Champion Doe – Macy Collins
All Champion projects go on to compete at State Fair in Pueblo later this month.Scrapbooking Junior Champion – Jennifer Kincher
Scrapbooking Junior Reserve Champion – McKenna Burke
Scrapbooking Intermediate Champion – Kinzy Burke
Scrapbooking Intermediate Reserve Champion – Peyton Burke
Scrapbooking Senior Champion – Nicole Hilkey
Scrapbooking Senior Reserve Champion – Tessa Slagle
Cake Decorating Junior Unit 1 Champion – Sierra GomezCake Decorating Junior Unit 1 Reserve Champion – Michaela JonesCake Decorating Junior Unit 2 Champion – Mary BaylieCake Decorating Junior Unit 2 Reserve Champion – Kirsten BrownCake Decorating Junior Unit 3 Champion – Tevin PelloniCake Decorating Intermediate Unit 1 Champion – Jacob Pelloni Cake Decorating Intermediate Unit 1 Reserve Champion – Doak MantleCake Decorating Intermediate Unit 2 Champion – Kinzy BurkeCake Decorating Intermediate Unit 3 Champion – Avery WattCake Decorating Intermediate Unit 3 Reserve Champion – Maegan McGruder
Clothing Unit 1 Junior Champion – Sarina GoedertClothing Unit 1 Junior Reserve Champion – Sydnie MainClothing Unit 2 Junior Champion – Kolbi FranklinClothing Unit 1 Intermediate Champion – Gracie BradfieldClothing Unit 2 Intermediate Champion – Kristen CoxClothing Unit 2 Intermediate Reserve Champion – Faith Goedert
Foods Junior Unit 1 Champion – Sierra GomezFoods Senior Unit 13 Champion – Emily EliasenFoods Senior Unit 14 Champion – Nicole Hilkey
Sport Fishing Junior Champion – Del GarnerShooting Sports Misc. Junior Champion – Tannen KennedyShooting Sports Misc. Junior Reserve Champion – Andy KrachtShooting Sports Archery Senior Champion – Mason ScritchfieldShooting Sports Archery Intermediate Champion – Jesse OdomShooting Sports Archery Junior Champion – Kale BurkeShooting Sports Archery Junior Reserve Champion – Kesston HobbsShooting Sports Shotgun Senior Champion – JC HendersonShooting Sports Shotgun Senior Reserve Champion – Chevy MohrShooting Sports Shotgun Intermediate Champion – Tell BlankeShooting Sports Shotgun Intermediate Reserve Champion – Ty DunhamShooting Sports .22’s Intermediate Champion – Antoinette DorrisShooting Sports .22’s Junior Champion – Kesston HobbsShooting Sports .22’s Junior Reserve Champion – James Amick & Cristopher O’Neal
Leathercraft Senior Unit 4 Champion – Sophia BellandLeathercraft Senior Unit 8 Reserve Champion – Anna EliasenLeathercraft Senior Unit 10 Reserve Champion – Kylloe GoedertLeathercraft Intermediate Unit 8 Champion – Casey TurnerLeathercraft Intermediate Unit 3 Champion – Kasey RosendahlLeathercraft Junior Unit 3 Champion – Kenzie TurnerLeathercraft Junior Unit 3 Reserve Champion – CJ WangnildLeathercraft Junior Unit 8 Champion – Kesston HobbsLeathercraft Junior Unit 8 Reserve Champion – Pake Burke
Photography Intermediate Champion – Elena Cummings
Exploring Wildlife Intermediate Champion – Julia EskelsonExploring Wildlife Intermediate Reserve Champion – Bradi BlandWildlife Senior Champion – Mason Scritchfield
Woodworking Intermediate Champion – Sam LangeWoodworking Senior Champion – Caleb Lange
General Project Outstanding Exhibitor Junior – Kale BurkeGeneral Project Outstanding Exhibitor Intermediate – Kinzy BurkeGeneral Project Outstanding Exhibitor Senior – JC Henderson
Champion Market Swine – Anna Walsh   (Donated by Mike & Mary Grady)
Reserve Champion Market Swine – Trey Morris (Donated by Evergreen)
Champion Swine Herdsman – Torie Slagle (Donated by Anne Urie)
Champion Senior Swine Showman – Taylor Morris (Donated by J.D. & Nancy Amick)
Champion Junior Swine Showman – Kenzie Turner (Donated by Rio Blanco County Abstract)
Champion Intermediate Swine Showman – Casey Turner (Donated by Rocky Mountain Well Service)
Ultrasound Swine Champion – Kenzie Turner (Donated by Debbie & Gary Smith)
Ultrasound Swine Reserve Champion – Sheridan Harvey  (Donated by Colorado Pork Producers Council)
Champion Market Lamb – Macy Collins  (Donated by Tony Theos)
Reserve Champion Market Lamb – Kelsie Gross  (Donated by IOR Internet Services, Boots Campbell)
Champion Breeding Ewe – Kelsie Gross  (Donated by Chevron USA Industry)
Champion Breeding Ram – N/A  (Donated by Jerry & Stephanie Oldland)
Champion Sheep Herdsman – Ariah Adams  (Donated by Theos Swallow Fork Ranch)
Champion Senior Sheep Showman – Taylor Neilson  (Donated by Halandras Catering & Rambullinn Bed & Breakfast)
Champion Junior Sheep Showman – Macy Collins  (Donated by Shults Ranch LLLP)
Champion Intermediate Sheep Showman – Katye Allred  (Donated by Nick Theos)
Ultrasound Sheep Champion – Aly Ridings  (Donated by Coulter Aviation)
Ultrasound Sheep Reserve Champion – Natalie Carroll  (Donated by RBC Fair Board)
BEEF DEPARTMENT – 4-HSUPERINTENDENT: Brent SmithChampion Market Beef – Megan Parker  (Donated by Rio Blanco County Stockgrowers)
Reserve Champion Market Beef – Taylor Neilson  (Donated by LK Ranch: Lowell & LoAnn Klinglesmith, Lenny & Jackie Klinglesmith)
Champion Breeding Female Beef – Kolbi Franklin  (Donated by RBC Fair Board)
Reserve Champion Female Beef – Macy Collins
Champion Beef Herdsman – Jake Smith  (Donated by L Bar Slash Ranch)
Champion Senior Beef Showman – Maclaine Shults  (Donated by Farm Bureau Insurance)
Champion Junior Beef Showman – Kolbi Franklin  (Donated by Meeker General Mercantile)
Champion Intermediate Beef Showman – Megan Parker  (Donated by Chevron USA Indusrty)
Ultrasound Beef Champion – Brittany Smith  (Donated by Daniel Lapp & Clint & Tera Shults)
Ultrasound Beef Reserve Champion – Kolbi Franklin  (Donated by Meeker General Mercantile)
RATE OF GAIN – 1ST PLACE – Madison Shultsgain of 4.31 pounds per day  (Donated by Northwest Auto Sales & Service)
RATE OF GAIN – 2ND PLACE – Meghan Smith gain of 3.09 pounds per day   (Donated by State Farm Insurance – Kevin Amack Agency)
Champion Market Goat – Macy Collins  (Donated by Jim & Vickie Claybaugh/Blue Mountain Accounting)
Reserve Champion Market Goat – Macy Collins  (Donated by Collins Land & Cattle Company)
Champion Breeding Goat – Macy Collins  (Donated by White River Electric Association)
Reserve Champion Breeding Goat – N/A
Champion Goat Herdsman – Ethan & Troy Allred  (Donated by Jason’s Automotive)
Champion Senior Showman – Natalie Carroll  (Donated by R Turkey Track 2 Ranch-Rod & Janalee Storey)
Champion Junior Showman – Macy Collins  (Donated by Jim & Vicki Claybaugh/Blue Mountain Accounting)
Champion Intermediate Showman – Troy Allred  (Donated by Rio Blanco County Abstract Company)
Ultrasound Goat Champion – Tessa Slagle   (Donated by White River Electric Association)
Ultrasound Goat Reserve Champion – Ethan Allred  (Donated by Moody Construction & Sons)
Champion Market Pen – Caitlyn Ducey (Donated by Eggland’s Best Eggs)
Reserve Champion Market Pen – Macy Collins
Champion 4-H/ FFA Doe – Del Garner  (Donated by Dave & Karen Arnold)
Reserve Champion 4-H/FFA Doe – Caitlyn Ducey
Champion 4-H/FFA Buck – Caitlyn Ducey  (Donated by Bill & Gail Palmer)
Reserve Champion 4-H/FFA Buck – Torrie Gerloff
Champion Senior Showman – Sydney Hughes (Donated by Anne & Brian Urie)
Champion Intermediate Showman – Maggie Phelan (Donated by Rio Blanco County Abstract)
Champion Junior Showman – Macy Collins (Donated by RBC Fair Board)

Champion Overall Market Poultry – Jilly Baumguardner  (Donated by White River Safety)
Reserve Champion Overall Market Poultry – Robin LeFevre
Champion Junior Chicken Showman – Mary Baylie (Donated by Ron & Peggy Griffin)
Champion Intermediate Chicken Showman – Dayton Willey (Donated by Eggland’s Best Eggs)
Champion Senior Chicken Showman – Sydney Hughes (Donated by Giovanni’s Italian Grill)
Champion Intermediate Turkey Showman – Antoinette Dorris (Donated by Cheryl McDonald)
Champion Junior Turkey Showman – Jilly Baumguardner (Donated by Genesis Gas & Oil)
Champion 4-H/FFA Duck – Mary Baylie
Champion 4-H/FFA Hen – Grant Sanderson