Agent Orange eligibility expanded

RBC I Honorably discharged veterans who served on the Korean DMZ from April 1968 – Aug. 1971 are now eligible for enrollment into VA provided health care.
Prior to this expansion, only veterans with boots on the ground in Vietnam and certain surrounding countries were eligible under the Agent Orange Exposure Program. This includes brown water Navy veterans.
Veterans who believe they are eligible may request an enrollment form, VA 10-10 from the Grand Junction VA Medical Center. After enrollment, veterans who have an Agent Orange service-connected disability must file separately to receive compensation using VA Form 21-526.
The VA has 15 conditions that are automatically service-connected for relation to Agent Orange exposure. The three most common are Type II diabetes, ischemic heart disease and prostate cancer.
Requests for the enrollment form, VA 10-10, can be made by calling 970-263-5019. Veterans can also ask questions on the Grand Junction VA Medical Center’s Facebook page at; please do not post personally identifiable medical information.