Another recycling center for Rio Blanco County?

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RBC I Kate Nowak, executive director of Yampa Valley Data Partners in Craig, presented a layout for a possible second recycling center to be located in Rangely.
According to Nowak, having a second center could raise Rio Blanco County’s revenue. Nowak suggested the Rangely recycled materials could be sent to Meeker and passed on to a larger center in Grand Junction where they could be sold for as little as $20 a ton and as much as $90 a ton.
At $90 a ton, a semi truck which would accommodate 20 tons of material and cost about $600, could render a profit of $1,200.
An interest in recycling was shown by a recent survey of 386 people in Rio Blanco County. The survey, conducted by Yampa Valley Data Partners, showed 61.4 percent (237 people) would definitely recycle if it was convenient, 15.8 percent (61 people) would likely recycle if it was convenient, 2.1 percent (8 people) were not sure, 1.8 percent (7 people) would likely not recycle, and 18.9 percent (73 people) have no plans to begin recycling.
As in Meeker, recycle bins would be provided in Rangely for the convenience of residents in the area.
According to Nowak, there is funding available for the second recycling center through the Rio Blanco County Department of Health and Environment.