CPW welcomes input at Feb. 21 caucus meeting

RBC I Anglers, hunters, and any other interested members of the public will have the opportunity to provide feedback and have their questions answered at a Feb. 21 Northwest Region Sportsperson’s Caucus meeting in Glenwood Springs.

Starting at 7 p.m., caucus delegates will be convening at the Glenwood Springs Recreation Center to discuss important issues related to hunting, fishing and trapping opportunities in the region.
“We encourage residents to come to this meeting and have their voice heard,” said JT Romatzke, NW regional manager. “This is a great opportunity to provide feedback on the numerous and important matters that have come up this year.”
Northwest Region delegates will share public input from this meeting with Colorado Parks and Wildlife Director Dan Prenzlow and the Leadership Team at the Feb. 29 statewide meeting in Buena Vista.
Each year, CPW seeks to provide more opportunities for anglers and hunters to weigh in on wildlife management and recreational issues. The Sportsperson’s Caucus, formed by CPW in 2012 and consisting of elected and appointed delegates from each of the state’s four wildlife management regions, meets regionally twice a year so that local residents can easily engage in the management of their natural resources. Statewide Roundtable meetings also occur twice a year.
While the NW Region meeting will be led by caucus delegates, CPW officials will be there to address any questions and provide additional information.
“Not only is this meeting an opportunity to provide feedback to our agency and let us know what issues matter most to you, it’s also your opportunity to get the facts from us as subject-matter experts,” said Romatzke.
Some topics that may be addressed at the meeting are:
• The West Slope mountain lion management plan
• Crowding and recreation impacts on natural resources
• Hunting and fishing opportunities in the region
• Partnership efforts
• Updates on the Basalt Shooting Range
Discussion will be opened to the floor at the end of the meeting.
For more information about the Sportsperson’s Caucus, visit the CPW website.