Days Gone By: Feb. 7, 2019

The Meeker Herald ~ 125 years ago

– The town council has rented the old Hugus building at the southwest corner of Main and Fifth streets and will make it the headquarters of the fire department, after necessary repairs and remodeling.

– Tom Kilduff and other cattlemen rode the range between Sulphur and Coal creeks this week in search of poor cattle but found very few. On the contrary, they found stock in remarkably good condition for this season of the year.

The Meeker Herald ~ 100 years ago

– There was a time when a man got married because he needed a companion. But nowdays he gets married because he needs a sparring partner.

– Mrs. Cory, wife of the steel magnate is reported to have paid $75,000 for a fur coat. A mere trifle to her, perhaps, but most editors’ wives look mighty stunnin’ if they can wear coats costing-oh, well; strike off two ciphers and place a period between the 7 and 5.

The Meeker Herald ~ 50 years ago

– A real estate transaction was completed January 30th whereby Keith Ball purchased the old Miller House property in Meeker. An Enco service station, newly named K.O.’s Enco, now occupies the site. Managing the service station for Mr. Ball will be Dave H. Moore of Atlanta, Georgia, who is an expert mechanic and who has had extensive experience in service station operation.

The Meeker Herald ~ 25 years ago

– After months of investigation, frustration and aggravation, the Meeker Police Department, was able to recently wrap up a six-month crime spree of sorts that involved approximately 45 victims and the theft of about $20,000 in personal property. Police Chief Si Woodruff said his department has a suspect in the case, which involved a multitude of auto break-ins beginning late last summer and lasting through December. Woodruff said police will be issuing a warrant for the arrest of James Guyton on  a long list of charges.

– During Tuesday’s RE-1 school board meeting, sharp disagreement arose concerning punishments meted out to nine high school basketball players for consuming alcoholic beverage on the bus ride back from Gunnison two weeks ago, and it was conflicting policies and procedures which were in large part responsible for the division.

Rangely Times  ~ 50 years ago

– In a time of rapid increase in hospital costs in the U.S., which have risen 441 percent in the period 1947-67, Rangely hospital charges are well below the state average. Room rates for a semi-private room at Rangely were increased to $29 per day on January 1st. This compares with a $40 up charge for the same type room in Denver hospitals, $34 in Grand Junction and $30 in Rifle, to mention only a few.

Rangely Times  ~ 25 years ago

– March 1st is the tentative date for the groundbreaking at the expansion of the Rangely Hospital. This expansion, long talked about, will satisfy many needs that many in Rangely have felt needed to be addressed. One need is long term care for the elderly. 

– The Town of Rangely was incorporated in 1947 when the Town experienced a boom as a result of oil field development. The area was first settled in 1883 when ranchers drove thousands of cattle into the lower White River valley following removal of the Utes to Utah.