{Health & Wellness} Meditation: Benefits and getting started

By Stefanie Nielsen
Special to the Herald Times
RBC | Meditation. Are you doing it?
Many people are, not just because it’s becoming more popular, but because they’re experiencing

Stefanie Nielsen
the benefits of it for themselves.
Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. It also may promote emotional health, enhance self awareness, boost focus, help fight addictions, improve sleep, control pain, and provide an overall sense of well being.
The biggest reason most people begin meditating is stress. When stress is unmanaged it impacts nearly all parts of our lives in a negative way. We aren’t as productive, our health suffers, and our ability to nurture relationships diminishes. We might also experience problems sleeping, aching muscles, headaches, and moodiness.
If you can eliminate some of the stress in your life, then do it. But for those things that we just have to deal with, meditation may be a tool you can use to help manage daily stressors and create a more peaceful life experience.
There are many ways to meditate, and you can find different approaches and techniques that range anywhere from simple to complicated. Each technique has its place and are valuable. The fastest and easiest way to create a mediation practice is to start with the breath. It’s simple and we all have the ability to do it.
Here is afour4 step breathing meditation you can start with today:
1. Exhale all the breath out, while gently pulling in your lower belly.
2. Inhale, by gently puffing out your lower belly.
3. Continue your inhalation by opening up your ribcage and expanding your chest.
4. Slowly exhale, starting with the chest and exhaling completely by gently pulling in your lower belly.
That’s it! Focus on your breathing. Thoughts will pop up, that is ok. Continually bring your attention back to your breathing. Do this for 3-5 minutes, twice a day, and you will have a great foundation for a meditation practice.
If you’d like to learn more and experience meditation with someone guiding you through the process; join us Oct. 3, 10, and 24th at 6:30 p.m. We will be meeting in the Hugus Building, 592 Main St. Ste. 1. Cost is $5 per class or $12 for all three. Bring a yoga mat and/or meditation cushion if you have them. Hope to see you there!

Stefanie Nielsen is a certified Transformation Meditation Teacher and has been personally practicing different types of meditation for more than 10 years.

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