Letter to the Editor: Turner represents

The last four years, those of you who comprise the wonderful community and county of Rio Blanco have been well represented by commissioner Kai Turner.
Rio Blanco County and Northwest Colorado need experience, knowledge, dedication and a commitment to serve and represent those who have elected you to office. Kai Turner has these qualities and much more. As your county commissioner, Kai has represented you on various boards and committees such as the Colorado River Conservation District and the National Association of Counties Public Land Steering Committee. Kai serves on the Flaming Gorge Task Force for the Basin Round Table representing the White River. He understands the importance of keeping water for the Western Slope and understands that water is a precious commodity and the importance of what water is to agriculture and the ranching communities.
Kai has also educated himself on other issues that are of importance to the county and Western Colorado. With state and national issues such as sage grouse, the Flaming Gorge Pump Back and other special interest groups trying to interfere with your economic way of life, you need consistent and proven leadership moving forward in these critical times. A true leader is one who has character, integrity and honesty. These qualities are just another example of who Kai Turner is and I have had the privilege of knowing and working with him on regional and Western Slope boards.
The Yampa Valley Economic Development Commission, which is a regional group representing Routt, Moffat and Rio Blanco since 1990, consists of elected officials who are committed to working and promoting regional projects that benefit all of us. Kai is the current vice-chair and he “gets it.” He supports working with the other counties and developing relationships that help promote those values that we as a region have come to believe in. Coal and other natural resources have always been something that he supports by standing up and speaking out. Fossil fuels, like small business, is what has contributed to making America great and Kai believes in your abundant natural resources and is committed to protecting them, while seeking to keep jobs locally.
Kai is also a member of the CLUB 20 organization that represents 22 counties on the Western Slope. He has been a part of several policy committees, which he feels is relevant to Rio Blanco such as water, energy, natural resources and transportation. CLUB 20 has been instrumental in keeping him informed with what is going on at the state and federal levels. Kai also serves on the board of Associated Government for Northwest Colorado and the Northwest Transportation Planning Region. In all of these boards as your county commissioner, Kai never makes hasty decisions; he bases his decisions on sound and factual information before announcing his opposition or support of any and all critical issues.
Kai is a respected and responsible elected official who is dedicated to his community and will serve you well, no matter what meeting he is in as your representative. You can rest assured he will always have the best interests of Rio Blanco in mind as he engages in thoughtful and informed dialogue. I believe that through his reelection as a member to the board of county commissioners, you, the citizens, will continue to be well served by commissioner Kia Turner. I support Kai in his endeavor to get re-elected to the BOCC in District Three.
Ray Beck
Craig City Council member