Overton releases campaign statement

RBC | As we head into a primary election season, I’m asking the citizens of Rio Blanco County to elect me to the office of County Commissioner for District 1. I love this county. I was born here, and I chose to raise my family here. I started my first business and have gone on to operate several successful businesses, all in RBC. I have also enjoyed the experiences of working overseas for a time and for the ColoWyo Mine. Currently I own and operate Northwest Auto Sales & Service, which my son is in the process of taking over full time. I understand what it takes to run a successful organization — recruiting good people, making payroll, setting budgets, meeting deadlines, answering the “complaint box,” and keeping the customer happy. I know how to do all that, in “thick” times and in “thin,” always with an eye on coming out standing and stronger on the other side. The citizens of Rio Blanco County are facing some challenging times ahead. Grocery bills, fuel costs, utility charges — all rising. Irrational state and federal leadership and policy that does not treat our rural communities as “family” but more like the enemy. You need to know that I intend to step into this job with an eye on all these issues and help lead the county through tough times. Energy resources are a huge asset to this county, one that is being mismanaged and artificially suppressed by our state and federal governments. I intend to do everything in my power to make RBC as accessible and hospitable as possible to utilizing these assets for the betterment of every citizen. Water rights and resources is another issue vital to our rural community that needs, and will receive, my full attention. There is a lot of talk about unity. I am all for it. I am a man of faith and my faith in God guides my morals, my principles and how I treat every person with respect, courtesy and value. Alongside a commitment to unity, needs to be strong and sensible policy, the knowledge of how government and agencies work, the ability to build consensus and make your life here in RBC rich and worthwhile. I believe I am someone who brings all these attributes to the table. In addition to my private businesses, I served for years on our volunteer fire department and on the Fire Board as Chairman. I know government operations and I know the people of Rio Blanco County. I want your tax dollars to be spent just as carefully as you spend your paycheck every two weeks. I want our resources to be developed and utilized to their fullest extent. I want our county to stand strong for Constitutional, God-given rights and to push back against illegal, out-of-control government overreach. And I want your grandchildren and mine to grow up and thrive in the freedom, natural beauty, and close-knit communities of Rangely and Meeker. I am a hard-working man, like so many of you here in RBC. I have seen the benefits of that hard work pay off — for myself, my family, my community. I ask for the privilege of serving as your County Commissioner and putting all that hard work to use for you, the citizens of Rio Blanco County. Thank you for your time and attention and please vote for me as your County Commissioner

Special to the Herald Times

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  1. I feel honesty and integrity are important in this Election cycle. The Overton Family back in the 60’s and 70’s were a big part of my life.
    I lived on the same block and same side of the street (3rd Street in Meeker for 17 years until I moved to Rifle with my family. I knew the Overton Family very well. I knew all the Overton children and their parents. I went to school with many of them. Doug Overton had the honesty and integrity even back then. Quality people stand up take the hard jobs and that’s what Doug wants to do.

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