RBC Warranty Deeds, May 2011

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Seller: Matthew and Elizabeth Scoggins
Buyer: Scott Hueber
Description: Section: 2 Township: 1N Range: 102W 832 E. Main Street
Transaction Price: $180,000

Seller: Tay and Stacy Tonozzi
Buyer: Bettye Crowell Non-exempt Trust FBO Elizabeth Crowell McCann
Description: Subdivision: Sage Hills Resubdivision 261792 Lot: 50 Block: 3 1357 Robert Street
Transaction Price: $277,500

Seller: Rian and Charissa Chiaravalloti
Buyer: Christopher and Sarah Bishop
Description: Subdivision: La Mesa Subdivision 208675 Lot: 26 Block: 1 1421 La Mesa Circle
Transaction Price: $217,000

Seller: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
Buyer: Jerry and Julianne Belland
Description: Subdivision: P D & W CO (Minor Subdivision_ 255501 Lot: 11
Transaction Price: $142,500

Seller: Harpst Family Trust
Buyer: Zippora Stahl-Shults
Description: Subdivision: Gentry Estates Subdivision 78328 Section: 23 Township: 1N Range: 94W Parcel: 2
Transaction Price: $180,000

Seller: Mountain Valley Bank
Buyer: David and Brenda Stewart
Description: Subdivision: Town of Meeker Lot: 2 N 25’ Block: 9 375 6th Street
Transaction Price: $15,500

Seller: Kevin and Glenda Douglas
Buyer: Danny and Anne Monger
Description: Subdivision: Town of Meeker Lot: 8, 9 B & 10 Block: 53 760 Water Street
Transaction Price: $167,100

Seller: George and Glenda Wenschhof
Buyer: Jerry and Mary Ann Seely
Description: Subdivision: Ute Terrace Subdivision 256144 Lot: 5 795 Shaman Trail
Transaction Price: $550,000

Seller: Donald and Vona Burch and Maureen Gaughan, Chapter 7 Trustee of Bankruptcy
Buyer: Kenneth Dorbandt
Description: Section: 24 Township: 2N Range: 103W
Transaction Price: $49,000

Seller: Philip Chermak
Buyer: Albert and Mary K. Krueger
Description: Section: 20 Township: 2N Range: 94W 6671 County Road 7
Transaction Price: $82,500

Seller: Wheeler Ranch LLC
Buyer: Elk Creek Ranch Development, Inc.
Description: Subdivision: Elk Creek Ranch PUD Amended 297923 Lot: 65
Transaction Price: $500,000

Seller: Elk Creek Ranch Development, Inc.
Buyer: 1995 Fauth Family Trust
Description: Subdivision: Elk Creek Ranch PUD Amended 297923 Lot: 64
Transaction Price: $2,000,000

Seller: Bryant 1991 Trust
Buyer: Douglas Creek LLC
Description: Section: 13 Township: 4S Range: 101W 5782 County Road 27
Transaction Price: $500,000

Seller: Agnes King
Buyer: John Musser
Description: Tract: 41 Section: 7 Township: 1N Range: 93W 45839 Highway 13
Transaction Price: $132,500