Veterans can show their service

RBC I A small group of retired veterans makes 36 metalized film window stickers and magnetic vehicle plaques that provide a way for all U.S. veterans to show their service.
They are called VetSignias and feature black print on bright silver metallic with a stars and stripes background. The VetSignia stickers and plaques honor veterans from WWII to today’s War on Terror, in all branches of service.
Bob Kline, a WWII Marine and spokesman for the VetSignia group, said, “We wanted to do something that would remind people of the service rendered by all veterans. Every day, when we turn to the obituary page we see the flags that indicate a veteran has passed. Our aim is to help our fellow veterans get a little everyday recognition while he/she is still with us.”
“Many bull sessions led to VetSignias; 36 neat, attractive, discrete reminders that will let the public know how you served. If you were Air Force/Korea, Army/Vietnam, Iraq/Expeditionary, or Non-conflict/Navy for example, there is a VetSignia for you. Everyone who sees one of the bright silver VetSignias will immediately know you did something good for our country.”
Kline said, “We get great satisfaction from the many nice notes we receive.”
A Korean War veteran wrote, “Thank you very much. I get dismayed sometime because Korea continues to be ‘The Forgotten War’. You have given me a way to proudly show that I served in that so called ‘Peace Action’.”
An Iraq vet said, “For the price of a small pizza I’m showing how I served.”
“Great look–says it all,” from a Vietnam Marine.
Many veterans’ groups use VetSignias for reunions, post activities and fund-raising. Family members often purchase them for veterans in the family. A veteran’s wife told us she was putting VetSignias in Christmas stockings and enclosing them with Christmas cards.
If you are a veteran or want to honor a veteran, go to the VetSignia website at Or contact Bob Kline, Box 382, Blue Bell, Penn., 19422; call 610-277-1171 or email
TheVetSignia group is not a business. Profits were never intended and are not expected. We do have to stay around the break-even point to maintain the project. The many wonderful comments we get from veterans keeps us enthused and eager to keep the project going.