Letter to the Editor: Clearing up question of authorship

Dear Editor: Thank you for publishing the article which you placed as a letter to the editor in your April 16 issue headed “Letter from a pilot on Germanwings tragedy.”

Letter to the Editor: Prosence on new bridge


Dear Editor: Above is a picture of the new bridge over the South Fork of the White River, downstream about four miles from the South Fork Campground, showing the width of the old bridge on the right and the new bridge on the left.

Letter to the Editor: Grateful for caring

Dear Editor: There are no words to express how thankful we are to those who showed how much they care for our family!

Letter to the Editor: Looking at incentives not a new concept

Dear Editor: Peggy Rector’s letter in last week’s Herald Times was timely in the sense that Tax Incentives for Qualifying Businesses is exactly what the town trustees and mayor look to consider for further support.

Letter to the Editor: Are expensive rural hospitals a bad idea?

Dear Editor: Despite many (or maybe most?) of the taxpayers and residents living in and around Meeker not approving of this project, the proponents of the new hospital are getting their way. The cost of their vision is so great it will likely cost every man, woman and child living here thousands of dollars every […]

Letter to the Editor: Open letter to governor on rural electric associations

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to Gov. John Hickenlooper concerning Senate Bill 46, concerning Renewable Energy Standard Adjustments and REA Distributed Generation.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks from RBC Road and Bridge crew

Dear Editor: We would like to thank the Masonic Lodge for doing such a great job of picking up the litter along the roadside on County Road 8 between mile posts 2 and 4.

Letter to the Editor: Rangely needs to offer incentives for local businesses

Dear Editor: As I read the article “Casto explains his resignation” dated 4-9-2015, some thoughts came to mind. While I respect all identities involved in the article, please let me share with you my perspective from over the years. First, in the past, I agreed with the Mayor Frank Huitt’s statement regarding not helping business […]

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to everyone who participated in Rangely blood drive

Dear Editor: With sincere gratitude, my husband and I want to thank everyone who participated in the fifth annual Makayla Kottenstette Memorial Blood Drive.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for kindness at time of need

Dear Editor: Dear friends, neighbors and all of our relatives: We cannot thank everyone enough for all of the kind and thoughtful things done for us during our loss.

Letter to the Editor: 11th annual WRCA Buy Fly Whitefish Tournament success

Dear Editor: The White River Community Association held its 11th annual Buy Fly Whitefish Fishing Tournament on March 14 and 15, with nine teams entered.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Beverly DeVore-Wedding from her husband

Dear Editor: I am writing to address an oversight.