Letter to the Editor: Carrie Cook on Wade Bradfield’s letter

Dear Editor: I find myself somewhat amused—but mostly just irritated and appalled—by Wade Bradfield’s letter of April 28.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to community for support

Dear Editor: Once again, I’d like to say how fortunate I am to live in such a great place. I want to thank the people who contributed with the Bland Family fundraiser.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Rangely for supporting The TANK

Dear Editor: Dear Rangely community, we are so grateful for your support of The TANK during our recent Kickstarter campaign. Because the people of Rangely joined backers from 18 countries and all over the United States, we were able to exceed our goal and make our dream a reality.

Letter to the Editor: Changes to Medicare billing at PMC

Dear Editor: This is an important letter to inform Medicare patients about a change in the Medicare Billing Process. Pioneers Medical Center diligently works with Medicare to get patient claims filed and paid. We strive to keep patients apprised of their account status.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for McCollum

Dear Editor: I work as a Recreation Supervisor for the City of Craig Parks and Recreation Department. Last fall I spoke with Coach McCollum about doing a baseball clinic in Craig.

Letter to the Editor: Luzmoor’s wife speaks out

Dear Editor: May 1, 2016. Please note the date of my letter, and note the date of receipt. I am writing this letter prior to the Fire Board election. My motivation for that is that I do not want people to think I wrote out of sour grapes if my husband, David Luzmoor, doesn’t win […]

Letter to the Editor: Many helped make field trips possible

Dear Editor: In May, the Parkview Elementary Treasure Hunting Club will take two field trips in search of “treasure.” We will be taking the entire fourth- and fifth-grade classes and use high-quality metal detectors, pin-pointers and digging equipment.

Thanks to wrestling team supporters

Dear Editor: The Rangely Middle School Wrestling Team would like to thank Professional Touch, Kayla and Claude Rose, Praters Plumbing, Big D’s, Roger and Rosaly Coombs, and Curt and Susie Dembowski for their generous donations and support to this year’s wrestling team. It is much appreciated Jeff LeBleu RMS Wrestling Coach Rangely

Thanks for Rowdy Worm assistance

Dear Editor: Over the past weekend of April 16, Rangely High School held an after-prom party called Rowdy Worm. Throughout the night, from midnight to five in the morning, students were running around playing games.

Letter to the Editor: ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was pure joy

Dear Editor: I want to say thank you to the talented, hard working, devoted theatrical persons for the wonderful “The Wizard of Oz” production. There was about three hours of pure joy you gave us with your talent and hard work. Doris Walters Meeker

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for support at time of sorrow

Dear Editor: The Smitman family is so grateful to the entire Rangely community. Thank you all for all the friendships, projects, love and laughter that you each shared with our dad, George Ernest Smitman Jr., in the last 27 years of his life.

Letter to the Editor: Huitt thanks Rangely residents for letting him serve

Dear Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Rangely for allowing me to serve you for the last 12 years (eight years as council member and four years as mayor).