Letter to the Editor: No power struggles, ego in schools

Dear Editor: Good and bad teachers come and go. Good and bad administrators come and go. Various schedules (20-, 60- or 90-minute blocks), staggered class lengths, four-day weeks, five-day weeks, special days off all come and go.

Letter to the Editor: In support of mill levy override for Meeker

Dear Editor: Meeker School District has had more than its share of negativity lately. So, let’s shift our thinking to a more positive direction, the future.

Letter to the Editor: Friends of the Yampa regarding Colorado Water Plan

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to all residents of the Yampa, White and Green River basins.

Letter to the Editor: State’s top health officer favors water fluoridation

Dear Editor: More than 65 years of research has shown community water fluoridation to be safe and effective in reducing cavities and maintaining good dental and overall health. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment recommends every community maintain adequate levels of fluoride in its water supply to protect the oral health of its […]

Letter to the Editor: MHS softball team practicing, needs community help

Dear Editor: On Aug. 11, Meeker High School welcomed 17 young ladies to the first practice of the Lady Cowboys’ softball team. The young women arrived with anxiety and excitement at the opportunity to help build another solid program for the Meeker athletic department.

Letter to the Editor: On mill levy for Meeker schools

Dear Editor: This fall, voters in Meeker will be asked to decide whether to increase our property taxes to fund our schools. This mill levy increase will generate around $900,000 to use in our classrooms.

Letter to the Editor: Kudos for Collins deserved

Dear Editor: You have certainly given kudos to a very talented Macy Collins.

Letter to the Editor: Help Meeker schools

Dear Editor: If you would like to see the Meeker schools strong and provide the kind of education that our children deserve, please consider joining the support group “Citizens for Meeker Schools,” which was formed in order to help pass the upcoming mill levy override in November.

Letter to the Editor: Dorsett says goodbye

Dear Editor: The Meeker School Board refused my proposals for contract revisions that would have protected me, and, hopefully, also my colleagues, from the hostile workplace environment imposed by the high school principal. I will not be working at Meeker High School this fall.

Letter to the Editor: Note of thanks to those who care

Dear Editor: This is a note of thanks for those who care. Following our letter to the editor in the Herald Times approximately a month ago, when we grumbled and growled about the Town of Meeker and its method of delivery of the notices to “clean up/mow your yard,” a lot has happened. I feel […]

Letter to the Editor: Town explains delayed sidewalk project

Dear Editor: This is an open copy of a letter I sent Friday to a Meeker resident wanting an update on the Meeker Sidewalk Project.

Letter to the Editor: Open letter to Frank Cooley’s family

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to Frank Cooley’s family: Karen, Andrew and Michaela.