Yampa, White drainage holds 224 percent of last year’s May 1 snow

RBC I For the first time during 2016, statewide snowpack improved over the previous month as opposed to the declines that have occurred each month since Jan. 1, including in the Yampa and White River Basin.

Including Rio Blanco County, all state watersheds above normal

RBC I Including the Yampa and White River Basin, all Colorado river basins reported above-normal snow water equivalent as of the last day of 2015.

Rifle area snow not yet stable

RIFLE I Recent and heavy snowfall has prompted visitors to get out and enjoy winter on the Rifle Ranger District, especially the areas open for snowmobiling. However, current conditions are extremely unstable.

Recent sunny and warmer days result in lower precipitation averages for area watersheds

The snow was deep, the sun was warm and these two does were part of a group of five does and yearling fawns enjoying the improved weather east of Meeker on the Miller Creek Road. Having their photo taken from about 15 feet away didn’t seem to faze the deer as the group gathered just off the road for several minutes before slowly wandering away.

RBC I What a difference 11 days makes! On Jan. 7, the snow-to-water ratio and the total precipitation figures for the Yampa and White river basins were 102 and 95 percent of normal, respectively. On Sunday, those figures were down to 89 percent of normal for snow-to-water ratio and 86 percent of normal precipitation for […]

NRCS seeks helpers to measure snow

RBC I The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Colorado is currently working with cooperators who have pledged their assistance to help measure manual snow survey courses.

Snowpack nears normal for year

RBC I A cool and wet three weeks has brought a large change to the White River Basin snowpack and precipitation situation, with the three major reporting stations relevant to Rio Blanco County much closer to average for the year than they were four weeks ago.

Snowpack below normal for year

RBC I Snowpack and precipitation levels are low in the White River Basin and there is some concern at this time, a local U.S. Forest Service official said Friday.

Colorado’s snowpack remains well below average

snowpack table

RBC I Snowpack accumulation during January can simply be summed up as; better late than never! Weather patterns in Colorado were largely dominated by high pressure systems this past month and things remained dry throughout most of January.

Snowpack remains below average

RBC I January saw the Pacific jet stream finally begin to shift southward; by mid January it had positioned itself over southern Wyoming and northern and central Colorado bringing much needed precipitation to basins west of the Continental Divide.