“Why I threw my hat in the ring”

O’Hearon on appointment to District 2 commissioner position

RBC I Though I did not grow up in Rio Blanco County, Rangely has been my home for close to 10 years of my life. I raised my son in Rangely and have thoroughly enjoyed the relationships I’ve established within the Rangely community. Additionally, my job as director of the Department of Human Services (DHS) often took me to Meeker where I also established several personal relationships. So, I threw my hat in the ring because I saw the commissioner vacancy as an opportunity to serve both communities and positively impact the future of Rio Blanco County. There’s not a better county in the State of Colorado.

I have carefully considered the fact that such a position puts me squarely in the crosshairs of members of both communities and that there are a wide range of constituents who require representation. A position where three people represent the entire county spells sure conflict. Knowing that no one can please all the people all the time, I assure you that I’ll rise above the interests of those who might have their own agenda. I believe I have the ability and know I have the desire to work tirelessly to effect change as required, to keep our county stable, to represent the county at the state and federal levels as required and make a difference for our county. I am single, my children are raised, and I will dedicate myself fully to the overall good of the people of Rio Blanco County.

As for comments/speculation made about my position as director of DHS, let me address my departure as honestly as I know how. Yes, there was controversy at the end of my tenure. There was an investigation done alleging that my leadership style was hostile and unfair. Such an investigation was done at the behest of employees who have since been dismissed, demoted or departed. As to the allegations, I have nothing to hide; if you have questions or would like to visit further, please do not hesitate to contact me. As director of DHS, I pride myself in having received numerous accolades and rewards from the State of Colorado, including C-Stat (timeliness with processing Medicaid applications) and timeliness with processing child welfare cases. While I understand that holding those under one’s purview accountable can be controversial, I believe that the alternative ultimately leads to chaos. I pledge to deliver a firm, but fair approach in delivering positive results for our county. It is also my most immediate goal to do all I can to bring about orderliness, agreement and balance to Rio Blanco County. This job, perhaps more than any job in the county, holds me accountable to you, and I relish the challenge

I thank the committee for their vote of confidence, and I promise to give it my all.

PRESS RELEASE | Special to the Herald Times

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